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Cam Newton made headlines yet again for acting like a sore loser during a post-game press conference.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback, who famously walked out of his post game presser after his team’s loss in the Super Bowl, gave a series of short answers, eye rolls, exasperated sighs and “next question” responses to reporters following the team’s 41-38 loss to the Saints on Sunday.

He probably took more time getting dressed in his bowtie, plaid suit jacket and hat After than the roughly 90 seconds he spent at the podium.

The loss drops the Panthers to 1-5 on the season.

He ignored multiple questions, and when he did answer, he gave one-word answers. Eventually, he just got up and walked away as a reporter was asking a question.

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3 thoughts on “Cam Newton Pulls A Marshawn Lynch At Presser

  1. Cam you have done extremely well and proven to be a leader especially when the chips were against you. Losing a Super Bowl is unthinkable let alone just the effort it took to get there and you did remember that moment over the loss. People will always feel like you aren’t doing it right….ie, the celebrating on last season. They were saying all sorts of things but you didn’t let it stop you, HEY Man! Keep going don’t let a 1 in 5 season start stop you either you guys can and I believe will still make it to the playoffs certainly…Now, will you make a historic Bowl repeat well, that is left up to YOU more than anyone and your boys next. Remember your collegiate days and all the noise about you shouldn’t be the Heisman trophy winner, what happened?? You overcame it all and YES you won it. You’re a winner it’s in you and sometimes even winners have an overwhelming day of challenge. Keep going CAM don’t stop!

  2. Joseph on said:

    I know you are young and a lot is on your shoulders, but as the leader of your team, you have to set the tone on and off the field. Leading when you are on top and everyone is pumped up is easier than when you are at the bottom. How you handle defeat says a lot about you. What you say at a press conference after a defeat can either inspire your team for the next game of carry the cloud of doubt to the next game.

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