Sec. Of State Clinton Speaks To Students At A New York Charter School

A White teacher from Texas is under fire after he shoved a young Black child in the face for not obeying.

Not only did he push the small child, he called him “boy” instead of using his name. According to Bossip, Snook, Texas, school district teacher Troy Vann has been removed from his position:

“The Snook school district has removed an employee from his position after a video posted online showed him repeatedly pushing a small child in a classroom.

Facebook user Stacy LeeAnn Gutierrez, a parent of a child in the district, posted a video of the incident late last night, which quickly gained a large amount of attention. In the 29-second clip, a man is seen picking up a small child and pushing him down into a bean bag several times against the boy’s will.”

Apparently, an administrator caught wind of the damning video and attempted to erase it, but there was already a copy made just in case.

Gutierrez said in the Facebook post that her son recorded the video and showed it to an administrator at the school. The administrator watched the clip then erased it, she said. However, Gutierrez said her son had already sent the recording to another device “to keep a copy.”

According to a statement released by the Snook school district shortly after the video surfaced online, the district immediately removed the instructor from duty “pending a full review and investigation of the matter.”

Here’s what the administration had to say in a statement:

“The Snook ISD Administration became aware of an incident of concern in which a Snook ISD employee was attempting to exert discipline and control over a young student,” the statement read. “The incident was immediately reported by another student to the principal. The principal did an excellent job in quickly obtaining and preserving available video evidence from school cameras and a student’s mobile device. … Our top priority is for our students to be treated in a safe and respectful manner when they are in our care.”

A longer statement released by the school district Friday afternoon said the staff member was a behavior specialist.

In the statement, Snook ISD Superintendent Brenda W. Krchnak said she has ordered a review of the district’s “faculty and staff use of discipline and restraint.”

Watch the disturbing clip below.



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53 thoughts on “White Teacher From Texas Repeatedly Pushes Down Black Child

  1. AMERICA – white man abuse black child and get PAID TIME OFF. Emmitt Till locked at white woman and got LYNCHED. America ain’t shit.

  2. This is past awful. the Administrator and this teacher should be fired and arrested. This is not the first time this punk has done this to that baby, he just got caught in the act.

  3. These violent, subhuman beasts attack white teachers all the time in high schools across the country. There are literally thousands of videos of this and the black bastards get a pass every time.

    • Terry peeples on said:

      Well well Mr Peter johson…you are a piece of got one more time to call someone of color an ape especially a child. You are not worth the dirt on the bottom of my shoes..karma is a day when something hits home it Will be the work of GOD WHO WILL TEACH YOU A VALUABLE LESSON. YOU RACISTS PIECE OF SH#t..oh by the we are not all gangbangers or poor. Talk what you know..AND IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY ..DON’T BE SURPRISE IF ONE DAY SOMEONE IN THE FAMILY IS BORN BLACK..

  4. Bigtye on said:

    I have mixed emotions regarding this video. When i was a child you would get a good swat for not obeying authority.Our children are filling up criminal institutions because they don’t have any respect for authority and there are no true consequences in our educational institutions.
    The term boy is used in the South by white and black men when talking to children, he could be racist are he could just be a man acting like a man from the south. Our children are out of control with little respect for authority. That teacher is going to get fired however unless that child learns to respect authortiy is life will be much worsre.

  5. This type of sneaky crap is infuriating to watch! If you can’t trust the staff at your children’s schools, something has to be done. This bastard teacher needs to go to jail! There’s no telling what he’s gotten away with in the past. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he’s taunted, bullied, harassed, and abused a student. I hope the parents kick that teacher’s punk ass.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “I hope the parents kick that teacher’s punk ass.” THAT’S what I’m talking about, stomp a mud hole in his ass. Okay but then they would be arrested and jailed and this dude would be in the hospital long after their jail sentence lol.

  6. This RACIST POS needs to be FIRED!!!!!!!

    White folks are really getting out of pocket since CHUMP is a presidential candidate and is spewing all his HATE and UGLINESS.

    People of color better come out in droves on 11/08/16 and VOTE so his ass does not get in and things get worse between the races!!!!!!!!!

    This is just the tip of the ICEBERG. CHUMP and his KLAN want to bring SLAVERY back in the 21st century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. One of the comments said we don’t know what happened before this video regardless to what happened before the video who’s the bigger who’s supposed to be the most educated who’s supposed to be the adult in the whole situation those are my thoughts. That’s a small child and he’s got his whole life to go to with this type of treatment the teacher knows what he’s doing he’s trying to inflict this on this child at an early age.

  8. mrknowitall on said:

    There are hundreds if not thousands of videos of racist negro boys attacking teachers, yet that problem is not being highlighted in this racist black sight hmmmm? Racist double standard & racist black privlege.

    • If that was a white child and a black teacher they would’ve hung that teacher. So you ain’t talking about shit. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what color they are the problem is that’s someone’s child and he’s suppose to be a behavior teacher. Which means he should be trained on how to deal with students with behavior problems. If he can’t without putting his hands on them then he needs to find a new career or face the consequences. I pretty sure if someone pushed your child in the face you would be pissed like you should be.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Shut the absolute hell up! You know good and damn well if this were a black teacher who did this to lil johnny his ass would be done and no one would be trying to cover that shit up. He would be on front street, on every news outlet in America, the front page of every newspaper, smut magazine and social media would crucify him. No that’s not black privilege that’s black oppression in 2016. Go back to the trailer park where you belong.

      @citizen X,
      You need to stop playing. If your mom and her brother, your dad saw someone treating you like this as a child and praised the teacher, I feel sorry for you but I would then understand your mindset. I bet a hundred bags of skittles this teacher didn’t call this kids parents and let them know he had to discipline their child and especially in this manner. Believe that!

    • What in the confused, one track mind hell does that have to do with the price of apples in Washington? If “racist Negro boys attacking teachers” was the subject of the article, we most likely would be discussing it. We are responding to a teacher inappropriately disciplining a very young boy. Focus.

    • You would not want this type of physical intervention made agsinst your family member either. School authorities have an obligation to notify parents when behavioral intervention may warranted do that the parent may make any necessary intervention. Unfortunately they do not always do so as was the case here. I don’t know if this school employee handles all children in this manner but he should be responsible for following some type of protocol besides trying hide it under the rug!!!

  9. Citizen X on said:

    I am not exactly backing up the teacher BUT we don’t know what went on before the camera started rolling. If I had told the kid repeatedly to obey, sit down, stop talking etc. I would have taught him a lesson also. Maybe this is just a lesson on being obedient in class. When I was in school my parents would have congratulated this teacher if I was being disruptive in his class. What do you call a male kid “BOY”. I think parents should be backing up their kids teachers instead of tearing them down all the time. Teach there kids to respect the teacher.

  10. Pissed the f'k off on said:

    Oh My! His ass would be grass I’m lawn mower! You just dont mistreat someone child for any reason point blank! Y’all think about it karma bites in that ass really good!

  11. This is a shame! He is a behavioral specialist teacher. He should be fired immediately! What about the administrator who tried to delete it to cover it up. We trust our teachers to teach and respect our children. I also understand our children can be difficult sometimes but to bully them is out of the question! I hope the child was not seriously hurt and I am glad it was not my child.

    • I don’t think little man was seriously hurt. As a matter of fact it looked to me like he stood up to ol’ boy pretty good. He never once obeyed one command. Seems like he made up his mind he was not going to be cowed. This is what made midget mind so angry, he lost control instead of just calling the parents and letting them deal with whatever the problem seemed to be. I’d bet anything, than had he treated this little one with respect and sat down with him and his parents, they would have had a good teacher student relationship. Just because you’re a child does not mean you don’t deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Lil’ man taught Heavy Hands a costly lesson. The administrator that erased the first tape should be taught the same lesson.

  12. Curry Stephens on said:

    See y’all that sshti wouldn’t have happened to my kids, because between me and wife, we would’ve been knee deep up in his ass, about touching our kids. Thanks to video, ithe would be over with right now! Ching a ling, and a can of whip ass!!

  13. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    WTH, I seriously thought this was during segregation or slavery but this is 2016 WTH! He should be in prison he shouldn’t just lose his job. What affect will this have on this child long term no one knows. This behavior deserves prison! Family needs to sue the district and the state, teach them a lesson the only way they can understand. Truly disturbing video!

  14. Angela Rice on said:

    This is so wrong! If you are treating children so bad then you need to leave the job. It not only affected the black children but the other children too. The administrator should be fired too.

  15. Tommy Davis on said:

    Tyrone1945 Oct 18,2016 This how our kids are treated in schools some kids a tell you about it the schools will cover it up but if that’s was a black man doing it to some of their kids he would be in jail in a New York second so this is letting you know how our you black kids are treated no matter how old they are man i would be on that ass right now, Don’t get me wrong no kid should be treated like that i don’t care what their race are, now if that was my kid you can’t keep me of that white ass.

  16. We see what the teacher did and how he was disciplined, but what about the administrator who erased the video? He/she should also be disciplined!

  17. Lisa Dupree on said:

    The person who tried to erase the video should be fired also…… It would have been a different story if the second video was not made…..

  18. Shirley on said:

    I would show him what a bully is. I’d beat the white off his a**. Picking on a child. Pick on me, a grown up. Got something for you. Pretty sure this is not the first child he has done this to.

    • Pissed the f'k off on said:

      You ain’t never lied! First i would have to torture him for awhile! Then go chuckie gangsta like for real! No one child should deserve that!

  19. Mac Ben on said:

    That peckerwood would need medical care had this been my son. He was trying to instill fear of the white man in this boy. Where is his daddy on this?

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