Three men have been charged in connection with a shootout police say left the 15-year-old daughter of Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay dead.

Trinity Gay died at a Lexington, Kentucky, hospital Sunday after she was shot in the neck around 4 a.m. during an exchange of gunfire between people in two parked vehicles in the parking lot of a nearby Cook Out restaurant.

Dvonta Middlebrooks was charged with wanton endangerment and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after police say he fired multiple shots during the incident. A father and son were also charged Sunday. Chazerae Taylor, 38, and his 19-year-old son D’Markeo both face wanton endangerment counts, police said in an online statement.

Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay‘s 15-year-old daughter, Trinity Gay, was shot and killed early Sunday morning in Kentucky.

Unfortunately, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Police say Trinity was shot in the neck during a shootout between 2 cars in the parking lot of a popular Lexington, Kentucky eatery called The Cookout around 4 a.m. The police reports says she was not in either car, and was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead within an hour.


According to TMZ, Tyson is reportedly on his way to Kentucky to deal with the situation.

He told a local news station …

“I’m so confused. She didn’t make it. She was just here last week for fall break … I have no idea what happened.”

Trinity Gay was a sprinter at Lafayette High in Lexington and finished fourth in the 100 meters and fifth in the 200 meters at the state Class 3A high school track meet in May, records show. She also ran on a 4×200 relay team that finished fourth. Her father also ran at Lafayette and still holds the state record in the 100 set in 2001.

A tweet from Kentucky High School Athletic Association commissioner Julian Tackett said he was stunned by the death:

“Shocked to hear of death of Trinity Gay. A life of such potential cut so tragically short. Sympathies to Tyson and entire family.”



Police have not made any arrests, and are looking for 2 persons of interest.

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(PHOTOS: Gay family/AP)

22 thoughts on “Arrests Made In The Death Of Olympic Sprinter Tyson Gay’s Teenage Daughter

  1. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    For anyone who asks what BLM has to do with this you are seriously in need of help. This has everything to do with BLM its a BLACK AMERICAN LIFE that has been lost. Why would BLM be involved you ask? Your right they wouldn’t be because this is black on black crime. We should be enraged over this and protest in the street that this young bright life was taken from her family if black lives matter!

  2. Johnny Boose on said:

    It doesn’t matter the time. The restaurant is a 24/7 business. That means people go out and eat at that time. Enough to warrant being open at that hour. The crime was senseless and the perps need to be punished. My condolences to the Gay family.

  3. Odessa Wells on said:

    We here in Lexington grieve for this young lady’s parents. It’s truly heartbreaking and I really hope justice is done for her. R.I.P. Sweetheart

  4. Elizabeth Ellison on said:

    We don’t know why she was out. Maybe she was traveling with a sports team or family. Maybe she was exactly where she was supposed to be. No excuse for gun play in a restaurant parking lot. Stupid and cowardly. I hope they go to prison for a long time.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I’m really glad these cretins where apprehended swiftly and although it won’t bring back this child’s life, their lives are cut short as well. Maybe knowing this will help her family find peace.

  6. The only thing we as human beings should be saying at this time is Condolences to the family of this too young to be dead child. We first need to think of what this childs family will be reading. Please people stop and think how your words will effect the family. What a awful thing to happen to any parent.

  7. Ms. Kim on said:

    4am has nothing to do with the subject at hand. SMH……To the family my heart and prayers go out to you all. May she rest in Paradise.

  8. I agree we sometimes think our kids are home and they are not.don’t judge.but pray for the families and let the violence stop with. The hate and power struggle.

  9. Wow really? (1) what has BLM have to do with this? Where is YOUR “blacks against blacks who kill other blacks.org”? If you don’t have one, create one, I’m sure you’ll get the support of Mac & Larry/Lawrence hairhat, and all others who share your views.
    (2) It’s not necessarily the child’s parents’ fault. Maybe they thought she was in bed at 4:00 am, because in fact they were. Maybe they thought she was at a sleepover at a friend’s house. So please, just stop. Everything that happens to a child is not the fault of the parents. No matter whose child this is it’s a senseless death that surely didn’t have to happened and it’s solely the FAULT of the cowards who decided to have a shootout on a public street. I hope they suffer the same fate at the hands of Big Bubba.
    My condolences to her family.

  10. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Black Lives Matter, your response? We will wait, as usual because there never is a response when its us senselessly killing our own people. This girl being out at 4 am does not excuse these grown as thugs from doing what they did. And its not a lack of parenting, its a lack of parenting on the part of these grown azz thugs. Judging by their names they are surely part of this black on black crime issue that we face. Send they azzez overseas to areas like Syria and see how long they last.

    • Slack-Jawed Yokal on said:

      Great point. Where is the BLM movement in this? A loss off life at the hands of the very organization proclaims its the polices fault. What happened to when the street lights are in you get your rump in the house?

      • What does black lives matter have to do with this issue. White people come in and take out whole movie theaters and shoot up schools so are you saying ? What does this have to do with all the tea in China

  11. I am sick of the senseless violence. This was someone’s daughter. She was loved by her family and friends. My parents were good people. As a teenager, I would sneak out and do mischievous things. No one is at fault but the WEAK COWARDS driving in a car shooting.

    • JOANN M. LEWIS on said:

      You we them or they have no idea why she was out. MacBen didnt you ever learn the lesson, if you dont have anything nice to say – then dont say anything? I’m more than certain the parents know what could have been done better. Bit if you dont havenanything constructive to add just shut the heck up!

      • Mac’s reply is a very constructive reminder to those of us with kids, that they belong at home in bed at 4a.m.. Now sit yo azz down Jo-Jo

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