Candidates Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Hold Second Presidential Debate At Washington University


The second presidential debate was perhaps the one of the most bizarre and confusing of its kind. With both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both addressing some of the stains on their past, more recently the leaked video of Trump discussing his beliefs regarding sexual assault against women while wearing a hot mic.

While many agree that Trump performed better in the second debate than the first, his answer to a Black voter’s question regarding how he would benefit minority lives in American has many with their jaws on the floor.

Trump said, “I’m going to help the African Americans. I’m going to help the Latinos, Hispanics. I am going to help the inner cities.” He went on to say, once again, that Black people should vote for him because they have “nothing to lose” and threw around false statistics about poverty in the Black community (he says 45%, while the actual number is less than 25%).

By the way, the question had nothing to do with economics or social policy. The voter simply asked if Trump could be “devoted” to all his constituents after running such a divisive campaign.

Twitter is furious over Trump’s racist generalizations and rhetoric:

Nice try, Trump.


One thought on “Black Twitter Was Not Here For Trump’s Offensive Statement to African American Voter During Second Presidential Debate

  1. Democrats have enslaved us with a welfare state. They depend on our ignorance to continue our downward spiral, and we willingly comply thinking it’s a “black thing”. We need to wake up now Peeps. HilLIARry will keep we just where we are and worse. I’m educated enough to try a different route. Are you?

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