When the world is whispering and speculating about the state of your marriage, you could either dispute the claims at every turn via frequent and lengthy social media posts or you could simply let your actions speak. Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince chose the latter, as they promptly (and hopefully finally) put an end to the breakup rumors that have plagued them in recent months courtesy of the Bad Boy Reunion Tour.

As the final night of the highly successful Bad Boy Reunion made its way to Los Angeles, Tamar and Vince took the time to use the concert as a romantic date night, as they cuddled up to each other oblivious to all around. 112 were on stage at the time of the video Tamar posted to Instagram of her snuggling up to Vince and putting kisses all over his cheek.

To see the couple this romantic should delight fans who have been worried that the stars of the popular WE TV reality show Tamar & Vince were headed for splitsville as reports of fighting and domestic disturbances have surrounded the couple this past summer. In fact, 2016 has been especially rocky for the duo, beginning with Tamar’s dramatic and highly publicized firing from her former talk show The Real.

Things are looking up for the youngest of the Braxton bunch, as she has her own self-titled talk show scheduled to debut next fall with producing help from Steve Harvey and she is currently in the studio recording a follow-up to her 2015 release Calling All Lovers.

You can check out the video of Tamar and Vince BELOW:

He gets it❤️ #🔦amazingtimes 😌 #badboyreuniontour

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One thought on “Tamar Braxton And Husband Vince Squash Breakup Rumors

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