The reclusive, elusive singer Sade hasn’t made a record since 2010’s Soldier Of Love. Nor does she have any social media accounts. Even the paparazzi leave her alone. But her daughter, Mackaila ‘Ila’ Adu, has been reported by several sites to have begun the medical process to transition into a man. On an Instagram account believed to be Ila’s, she posted that the process of taking hormone shots had begun. The 20-year-old, Sade’s only child, is from her relationship with Jamaican producer Bob Morgan.


Since the post surfaced a few days ago (the date reflects the U.K. custom of putting the month second) the page has been set to private. As it has not been totally confirmed that this account belongs to Sade’s daughter, we don’t expect to hear much more about it. We certainly won’t get any confirmation from Sade.

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17 thoughts on “Report: Sade’s Daughter Transitions To Male

    • MariAnne Bolton on said:

      Let’s be perfectly clear. She will NEVER be a MAN. GOD decided he wanted her to be a female and she will be a female until the day she dies. She can’t change what GOD made her, she can only change her way of thinking. She can take pills, snip, cut, mutilate, burn, glue, sew-on, etc. She will NEVER grow a penis, and a man will NEVER grow a womb. GOD fixed it that way. The most she and the people around her can do is “PRENTEND”. I mean no disrespect to the gay community. Everyone has the right to live the life they choose. I’m only speaking reality. No disrespect to Sade – – I love her music.

      • You all need to do A LOT more research and just live and let live you sad morons.You have no clue as to what your talking about. Get your heads out of your asses, you smell.

  1. pecola on said:

    The saddest thing is to have a child that is so confused as to think if born girl want to be a male or vice versa. More research need to be done on the psychology behind this. You are who you are born as.

  2. levonne blackwell on said:

    this should let people know that just because someone is a superstar, they are not exempt from the realities of life. I pray that they will get through this.

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