Tupac Shakur was completely baffled by the thought of millionaires and billionaires sleeping well at night while fellow citizens are homeless and starving.

MTV released an unaired interview from 1992 that shows the late rapper speaking passionately about greed and income inequality in the United States, using Donald Trump as a benchmark.

“Everybody’s taught that. You wanna be successful? You wanna be like Trump? Gimme gimme gimme, push push push push, step step step, crush crush crush. That’s how it all is… It’s too much money here,” said Tupac. “Nobody should be hitting the lotto for 36 million and we’ve got people starving in the streets. That’s not idealistic, that’s just real. That’s just stupid… There’s no way that these people should own planes and there are people who don’t have houses.”

Little did Pac know that 24 years after the interview, the Republican Party would choose Trump to represent them in a bid for the White House.

Watch below:

PHOTO: MTV News Screenshot

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27 thoughts on “Tupac Was On To Donald Trump Years Ago

  1. First off, if you didn’t know Tupac personally, then technically none of you can say one way or another. With that said, if you don’t think Tupac was not only intelligent, intellectual and a rare talent, you are either ignorant, or have never listened to his music through and through. Tupac made his fun songs, like EVERY musician does, but his serious/informative music, outweighs any party song that he has made! And no, he wasn’t racist! Tupac’s fiance was mixed, with a white mother. Tupac just wanted to shed a brighter light on just how black people were treated at that time. N.W.A started it, Pac just continued from where N.W.A left off. Learn you history, and get your facts correct before popping off. And I’m white fyi.

  2. Why are you trying to reason with a mind that will not reason? I know we should educated one another but why waste your time? They, whoever they are, are set in their ways and will not change. Let’s just dialogue with those who are respectful and will listen.

  3. Devils? LOL. Just tell me who u know that has lied, stole, raped, murdered, incest, oppression, lazy, devil worshipers (all things that are against the HOLY BIBLE)? I could keep going but you get my point. He talking about helping people if you have the money, yet we have another DEVIL bringing EVIL in the midst to make it negative. Praying for us all too many DEVILS in our midst. So glad the GOD I serve does not tolerate racism. Soon all EVIL will be cut off from the very earth #fact #notyouropinion

  4. Chastity on said:

    White people….if you hate black people so much and think we are so ignorant, quit logging on to OUR site. It is blackamericaweb.com, dumb asses!!!

  5. Just giving a quick 2 cents on said:

    Can’t completely co-sign on what Pac was saying, or much of anything he ever said, but I get where his heart was. He was a deep dude with inner struggles, good and bad with a lot of hypocrisy, but I always understood that his core person was compassionate one.

  6. Peter, it is a shame to even read your thoughts..You are so back woods thinking. Wake Up & see the truth based on facts & evidenced. It is true..that Angelo Saxon ppl has oppressed many of races & live off their backs

  7. Love Star on said:

    It’s crazy reading this, it just goes to show how white people are the devil and are looking for to steal us the monkey’s features. every white bitch want plump lips and a big ass but they despise us for being smarter and more beautiful intelligent people ,white people want to be us so bad that’s why they try to leave us oppressed and down

    • Nannette Grier on said:

      You can’t compare or speak on blacks you never struggled or know what it is ti b black in America how many major events in crime have we committed compared to whites Oklahoma bombing your kids shooting and killing in schools as well as adults waco omg the list is tremendous compared to our crimes and not counting ones you get away with and the killings if our ppl over generations we endured from white ppl you outnumber us tenfold

  8. No, Peter Johson, the biggest mistake was allowing you cave dwellers to crawl out of the Caucasus caves of Europe with ratty asses and stinky white women to infest the rest of the world with your madness. White people are the worst. You have no morals and little brains. That’s why you smell like dogs when wet. Read your history before you try to send some one back where they came from. We were not here by choice. But MF, now that we are here thru your ancestors, we are not leaving and hope we make your miserable life a living hell.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      Is that why black people own all the car manufacturers, cellular service providers, computer companies and fancy sh!t n!ggas love like Lauren, Gucci, Prada, Vuitton, gold and oil? And black countries are the poorest on the planet?

    • ButterPecan on said:

      I see you haven’t learned how to spell yet. You should inquire as to where you can take a remedial reading and writing class. When you try to insult someone and use incorrect spelling, it only makes your comment look ignorant as you do.

  9. This racist mental midget Pigpac had the iq of a 12 year old. He routinely rapped about how much he loved his momma yet the devil routinely degraded black sheboons in his songs calling them hoes and bi-ches. A typical black hypocrite yet the racist blacks swallow it hook, line, singer.

  10. Tupac Shakur was way ahead of his time and is surely missed in the music industry.

    Unlike the hip-hop rappers today-Tupac’s music addressed social ills-his message resembled Marvin Gaye’s 1970’s album “What’s Goin On.”

    Tupac’s music was relevant and very necessary.

    If the people in this country elect that POS CHUMP-may God help Amerykah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Greed. When you live in an economic society, Greed is a part of it regardless if we like it or not (and Trump is not alone is this. I can not believe I said that about Trump but it is true). We also have a society where people think they can steal from people who work hard for their money and stuff all because they do not have it but they think they can steal from others. Look at the number of robberies we have nowadays. That is just as bad.

    • The usual nut posting. Peter you need to go and relearn the word “racist”. Fighting for right for people who were depress compare to trying to OPRESS a group of people is a BIG difference. But you know that but you want to play stupid. Nothing new.

      • Ohh please This Tupac was the worst racist I have ever seen. Just listen to the pigs music and all his anti-white propaganda. He was nothing more than a racist black panther Nation of Islam thug. He was also a hypocrite because he was rich himself. Why then wasn’t he helping you beasts but living like a clown and participating in gang actions. You blacks are the biggest frauds on the planet!

      • How are you oppressed you black racist? You have a black president, black attorney general, black rappers, black millionaires, black NBA players and NFL players and a quarter of federal employees are black. You get handouts, affirmative action, entrance into college and jobs based on skin color alone and yet you are oppressed! You are just a nasty racist anti-white pig!

    • Cherrie O'Darling on said:

      Peter…Tupac did make plenty money and bought houses but allowed homeless people to live in those houses he bought. He gave religiously to the community and never had racist lyrics. He objected to police brutality and the inhumane practices of all those with money and power including himself. Your statements prove your ignorance as well as your inability to consider a perspective which differs from your own. There are bitches and hoes from all races in this world and to deny their existence exasperates the foul thinking that these ways of acting are morally and ethically right.

    • There is a difference is getting rich due to hard work compare to getting rich by cheating and not paying people who work for you. Are people really becoming this stupid to not know the difference in meanings.

      • you seem to have forgotten the rhetoric of your minters, according to Hil-liar-ry there is no difference

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