Remember the situation back in August when this chick, Baylee Curran, claimed that Chris Brown threatened her with a gun and called the cops who showed up and put the entertainer’s compound under siege and arrested him? Well, guess what? The case is going nowhere.

The reason is that the LA County D.A.’s office is not having it with with the evidence assembled by cops. According to TMZ, the case was supposed to be submitted to prosecutors 2 weeks ago but the D.A. informally kicked it back for lack of evidence.

As we reported, Curran claimed Chris pulled a gun on her and ordered her to leave during a party at his home in August. Brown was arrested and booked … he was supposed to be arraigned 2 weeks ago but authorities got a 2-week extension so they could gather more evidence.

They didn’t.

Law enforcement sources tell the site that the D.A. doesn’t really have much to work with. In fact, all they have is a sketchy alleged victim who hedges on drug and alcohol consumption during the party and made the media rounds big time after the incident.

On top of that, authorities also have trouble pinning a gun to Chris. He threw a duffel bag out the window during the standoff and cops say they found 2 guns inside, but they’re worried the weapons can’t be tied to the singer.

The bottom line is that even though prosecutors would love to nail Brown for his ongoing run-ins with the law, but other than the infamous Rihanna case, they just can’t seem to come up with enough goods to pin anything on him.

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(Photo Source: Twitter/PR Photos)

4 thoughts on “Chris Brown Likely Won’t Be Prosecuted In Gun Case

  1. They both have checkered pasts, sounds like two opportunists who didn’t get what they wanted. Although with the illegal weapons Chris had better WHA or I feel a “Shug Knight” future may be in store for him

    • WRONG, it sound like some bimbo wanted to use the BIAS that some people in the public have about Chris for her own self gain as this is done with too many celebs nowadays. that is the new lottery these people play with nowadays. This is why it is best to look at everything on a case by case basic. I do NOT care about one past UNLESS it is PROVEN to have substance to what they are accused of now. That bimbo past PROVES she is a liar and did not the truth to the CURRENT while CHris past has NOTHING to do with what he was accused of doing even though some people where banking on it. Chris seem truthful in that he was set up and the FACTS are on HIS SIDE.

  2. Good for Chris!!!!!

    That Baylee b–ch is a liar–she tried to set Chris Brown up!!!!!!!!!!!
    Baylee needs to go sit her dumb ass down somewhere!!!!

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