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Does Michael Strahan have a secret love child?

David Brown, 21, claims he is the Good Morning America host’s son, but refuses to take a paternity test to prove as much. Brown, who was put up for adoption after he was born in 1994, says he’s convinced Strahan is his father, as they both play football, look similar, and have a gap in their teeth.

Brown said he’s sent letters and messages to Strahan’s parents in Texas. Radar Online reports:

At that point, a New York City private detective contacted him on Strahan’s behalf.

According to Brown, he and his parents met the P.I. at a Manhattan diner, and Strahan later agreed to a paternity test — but only at a Park Avenue lab of his choosing.

Apparently, he doesn’t want to take a paternity test because he feels Strahan could skew the results if he wanted to. “I felt like if Mike wanted the results to go a certain way, that was the way they would go,” he told Radar Online, before hurling more insults at the TV personality: “I still look up to Michael as a football player, but as a role model? No. I think his TV personality is fake.”

“Strahan’s reps insist Brown’s claims are part of a ‘continuing’ shakedown, and that it was Brown who walked out on the DNA test,” Radar Online reports.

See photos of Strahan’s alleged son here.

SOURCE: Radar Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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