Executives at Tiffany & Co., released a statement on Tuesday denying that the company ever manufactured slave chokers after an image appeared on Facebook of an exhibit at a museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“We are deeply troubled by the image circulating of a “slave collar” and can definitively assure you that this piece was not made by Tiffany, nor have we ever made any jewelry in our 179 year history for this deplorable purpose,” the post reads, in part.

The image appeared amid celebrations for last week’s opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., but the artifact actually appears at the Lest We Forget Slavery Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tiffany writes in its post.

“We have contacted the Lest We Forget Slavery Museum in Philadelphia where this item was on display (not the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, as rumored), and confirmed that there is no provenance information on the piece, who made it, or any supporting documentation regarding its intended use, the post continues. “The museum agrees and has already removed all Tiffany references from its exhibit.”

Still, wouldn’t it be great if companies that actually made the collars, if they are still in existence, stepped up to the plate and helped contribute to reparations Blacks are owed by the United States government for the atrocity of slavery? Sound off in comments.


7 thoughts on “Did Tiffany & Co. Manufacture Slave Collars?

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    Slaves picked cotton, slopped hogs and plucked chickens… lets protest clothes makers, the pork industryvand stop eating fried-chicken! 😳 Stop looking at the past andvkeep your eyes on the prize! We have killed and mistreated more of us than any other people ever will. We lust after everything the white man has and created but blame him for everything that ails us. Sick, sick, sick!!!!

    • Queen Mo on said:

      Have you ever bought something from a store only to find out the item wasn’t what you expected? Did you want your money back or did you forget about it?
      Have you ever been illigally wronged and mistreated to the amount of …let’s say $200,000? Did you move on and forget about it?
      Did you ever work a single month and find it completely normal that there were no intentions of paying you? Would you demand a paycheque or keep it moving?

      Laws are designed to protect people. That’s why we do our best to follow the rules. There were no laws for the treatment or reimbursement of slaves/slavery.

      I hope something traumatically tragic happens to YOU and you don’t call the cops or seek justice. Just keep it moving.

  2. We are like sheep, takes so little to divert our attention from the real problems facing our communities. V. come correct, damm gurl

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