Anthony Hamilton talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the unrest in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina after the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott and what conversations he has with his children (he has six sons).


“I tell my oldest son, I know you drive a little fast so don’t give them a reason to pull you over. Your main objective is to get home safe.”

Does he really have a brother that’s a cop in Charlotte?

“My brother has been in law enforcement for over 25 years. He’s a Detective. I ask him what’s really going on and he said it’s the people that are really in power to push these certain laws through.”

Anthony’s new single, What I’m Feelin‘ ft. The Hamiltones is available everywhere now! Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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4 thoughts on “North Carolina Native Anthony Hamilton Talks Unrest, Vows Sons Will Never Be Slaves

  1. Elizabeth Ellison on said:

    It is not a race-baiting discussion. I worry about my son who does not drink, smoke, do drugs, or even drink coffee. He has graduated college and has a good job. Married with children. He is a 6’4″ former college athlete driving every day minding his business. I don’t know when he is going to cross the path of a bad policeman with a bad attitude. Or someone flying overhead in a helicopter saying, “He looks like a bad dude!” Register to vote and get all of your credentials in order prior to November 8 so you will be ready.

  2. My son got stopped every night by the police just walking 2 blocks from his job to our house. My son was a high school athlete and good student. I am thankful he made it homeceach night safely.This is no exaggeration. A few times he got stopped by the same cop 2 days in a row. I even went to the police station about the harassment which was a complete waste of time. If this has never happened to you or your loved one, then you’re in the minority. However, this has happened to 3 generations of men in my family, so I am not not buying it.

  3. CiscoKid on said:

    Every single male in my family is black, and none of them has ever been shot, shot at, or even had a policeman pull a gun on them, even though they have been pulled over by police for various reasons. I would like to ask Mr. Hamilton what his personal experience has been, or if he’s just letting the race baiters and the BLM rioters dictate his opinion. Clearly neither he nor his sons have been shot by police.

  4. Which is why we all must get up off our lazy asses and VOTE in November.

    There is way too much at stake in this years election.
    The issue of Slavery is just one of many. However, due to the demeanor of CHUMPS supporters-they would no doubt wish to revisit this UGLY part of Amerykah’s history.

    My heart goes out to all African American parents who have sons.
    There is a BOUNTY on their HEADS!!!!!!!!!!

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