Wendy Williams got The Game to discuss all of the topics that have kept him in the headlines for the past several weeks, including the beef with Meek Mill and exactly which three Kardashian sisters he says he slept with.

During his visit to the talk show Tuesday, The Game said of his issues with Meek, “You know what it is, it’s just a little hip hop beef you know.”

Asked how far this back-and-forth would go he said, “You know I’m day by day with it.” He continued, “It comes down to a point where, you gotta deal with it as it comes. So I feel like I was violated.”

On the matter of his Kardashian konquests, Game tried to avoid the question, saying he has a good relationship with the family. But by the time Wendy was done with him, the rapper had given up the three names: Kim, Khloe and…soon-to-be Kardashian Blac Chyna.

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(Photo Source: The Wendy Show Youtube screenshot)


3 thoughts on “The Game Says He Slept With Three Kardashians, Talks Beef With Meek Mill

  1. All respect to Jaceyon “The Game” Taylor. Real men don’t lie on their penises. The only reason they are famous is because of Kim’s sex tape. I am not surprised or shocked. Meek Mill is not on the games level as a rapper.

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