CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago Police Department plans to add 970 new positions over the next two years as it struggles to deal with a violent year full of killings and gun crimes.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Wednesday that the number includes 516 new officers, 92 field training officers, 200 detectives, 112 sergeants and 50 lieutenants. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is scheduled to announce the hires Wednesday afternoon.

The department currently has more than 12,000 officers, and hasn’t had a hiring push of this magnitude in years. The move is a departure from how Mayor Rahm Emanuel has handled staffing, resisting pressure to add ranks and instead paying overtime.

Overall, the city has recorded more than 500 homicides this year — higher than in all of 2015.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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2 thoughts on “Chicago To Add 970 New Police Positions Over Next 2 Years

  1. Law enforcement agencies across this country can hire all the recruits they want.
    However, nothing is going to change unless the PIG’S change their MENTALITY and the way they deal with people of color in our communities.

    Racist Pigs need to be FIRED. Those with issues of being scared or feeling threatened by Big Black Men should be posted in Lily White neighborhoods where they won’t have to see any of us or deal with us-or better still-DON’T BE A COP IF YOU ARE SCARED OF A CERTAIN GROUP OF PEOPLE.

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