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Radio host, author and political commentator D.L. Hughley joined Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day to discuss NFL star Colin Kaepernick‘s National Anthem’s protest. Hughley is widely known for his stance on police violence and its effects on the African-American community.

“You’ll see people that will come out and say they’re opposed to what Kaepernick is doing, none of those people come out and say anything when people are being brutalized,” Hughley said.

He also weighs in on Donald Trump’s campaign, comparing the chances of him being in the White House to Hip Hop icon Flava Flav winning a spelling bee. Ouch!

The DL Hughley Radio Show airs daily from 3 PM – 7 PM ET.

Do you agree with D.L.? 

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22 thoughts on “DL Hughley Defends Kaepernick: ‘Black People Often Don’t Have An Escape From Reality’

  1. Ed Alex on said:

    I totally agree with Colin k. For years I refused to acknowledge the Star Spangled banner. Simply because the song is a celebration of the slaves and slaves sympathizers being slaughtered. The land of the free and the home of the brave, huh. We as black people weren’t free when the song was sang. Even the original inhabitants of this land were inslaved by the socalled whiteman. Just take the time out to research the original lyrics. Verses have been removed, I guess to make it more appealing to the masses. F–k the song and any ignorant SOB that acknowledges it as his Anthem.

  2. Where was White Americans outrage when Tom Brady refused to visit the White House and meet with President Obama with his teammates after winning the superbowl? When issues don’t go white folks way, the rules are changed in the middle of the game.

    • Raquel Brutus-Thomas on said:

      Edward Snowden traded US secrets. He had government clearance with parents working in the Pentagon. HE is a threat. Yet you can hear an ant piss on cotton when it comes to White folks addressing that ish!

  3. I guess the killing of twelve years old Tamari Rice was justified. He was doing what twelve years old do, playing. White folks say anything to justify their lies. Colin is correct and more people not only ball players should stand with Colin. Prayers to Ms. Pearl family.

  4. MacAtac on said:

    Some religions (JW) have been protected by the constitution/amendments against saluting the flag bc they don’t view it as a God. This is not new and it is Kaepernick’s right to do so. This country was founded on protest, why change the rules now! If we don’t learn from our past, we are destine to repeat it folks!

  5. Ms Curly on said:

    Kaepernick is entitled to his feelings and he is not breaking any law. After all he is a football player he is not joining the armed forces. The same people who are complaining are the ones who are doing NOTHING and saying NOTHING. This may not solve the problem but I think it is very selfless of him to speak on the issue.

  6. Pierre Ali on said:

    Jhuf you are so out of line with reality, you don’t have a clue what it’s like to be a black man dealing with a racist white officer in a jail or on a dark street when no one is around. Blacks have been killed and brutalized by cops since the black codes. Back then they were called “slave patrols”, it hasn’t changed. The problem is most whites like you have always been in denial about slavery and all the crime and brutality whites have bestowed on blacks, and Native Americans. During slavery many whites justified slavery and made all kind of excuses and arguments for it. You are a good example of how that mentality has been passed down through generations. For you to even say all police misconduct is dealt with proves my point. There is no way in hell all police misconduct is dealt with. Whites also have a history of not only killing blacks and getting away with but also making sure blacks stay disenfranchised economically. An example is the Black Wall Street which when you’re talking about history wasn’t that long ago. Whites went to the Black Wall Street and terrorized and destroyed it and the U.S. government was behind it. About 300 blacks were killed and nothing was ever done to the whites that did this. Now people like you think everything is fair and everybody is on a level field in America and that’s the furthest from the truth. Until the KKK is completely dismantled shut your damn mouth. Remember they still exist and they started to kill blacks. The KKK is in police departments, they have a solid foothold in policing and corrections, a black person would be stupid as hell to not listen to brothers like D.L. You think blacks should listen to you? Also remember when slavery so called ended the masters mentality didn’t, again you are a prime example.

  7. mystery on said:

    WHY ARE THE ONLY FOLKS SAYING RACISM REMARKS ARE WHITE- however its the truth Black DO NOT have an escape as long as we have people that want to continue on the route of racism; call the kettle black, but only if you can drink from the cup

  8. ButterPecan on said:

    I agree with COLIN and DL. If we don’t STAND FOR SOMETHING, WE’LL FALL FOR ANYTHING! You may not agree but just take a stance for what you believe in!

  9. Flava Flav being in a spelling bee, Hum wonder if a white man had said that.
    DL sure has made millions in this oppressed racist country,
    Blacks being brutalized um like the 32yro mother of 4 killed in Chicago over the weekend

    • guys like you are pathetic and low information commentators,the killers of D wades cousin was caught and guess what?will be prosecuted!can you say the same for police officers that kill?I’ll wait!

      • Guys like you are lemmings that buy into grievance narratives, most cop shootings are justified those that are found not to be are dealt with (NYC stairwell shooting the one in NC, the one in IN will be as well) don’t point a gun or fight with a cop and guess what your azz won’t get shot, simple minded people like you are easily feed some “sky is falling premise” and without intelligent thought you run with it
        BTW most of the shootings in Chicago this year alone will not be solved

    • Melissa Hayes on said:

      I guess you didn’t watch the video of the cop that shot Alton Sterling in BTR while he was subdued by the police. I’ll wait for your comment on that one!

      • HoneyBee on said:

        I’m assuming that some white people think that famous blacks that are obviously making money off White America should be satisfied with that. That Blacks should forget about what is going on in this country and not speak on the injustices that still exist. The only time SOME white people have something to say is when a famous Black person stands up for equality and calls out the injustice and the racial inequality that continues to exist and existed when this country was taken over by the Europeans. My suggestion to you…the Some White People..are to get over yourselves and learn your history. You might end up more ashamed than proud.

    • Money? I noticed that every time a Black man/woman who is successful takes a stand on issues affecting the Black community ; poor whites ALWAYS speak of their wealth?That is the “overseer”mentality of hating any African American who has survived the embrace of slavery and educated themselves;worked hard at their dreams and goals and achieved financial security. Poor racist whites have bought into the “white supremacy”farce to try and balance their inequities in making something of themselves. Also, they still hold onto the lazy blacks who are living free off of their taxes.If you want to continue to live that LIE; fine, but don’t try to define Black people with your inherent ignorance of who we are. In the meantime take a good hard look at your own history? It ain’t pretty !!!

      • as a black man I’ve learned to educate myself in order to function and earn a good living, not to blame every misgiving that befalls me on racism. and not live or dwell on the past ,slavery ended almost 200 years ago it’s history move-on and stop using it as a crutch, there are millions of successful AA’s in this Country

    • politically correct on said:

      What about all the wife folk killing themselves with opiods. In massachusetts alone there have been almost a thousand death from drug overdoses in 2016. That is way more than the Southside of chicago. You’ll have issues too.

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