1. BEST: Jennifer Hudson – Nailed it! 2009 Super Bowl. (Photo: Retna)

2. BEST: Whitney Houston – Nailed it! – Super Bowl XXV in 1991 (Photo: AP)

3. BEST: Monica Brown – Got It Right! – Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 in 2014

4. WORST: Christina Aguilera – flubbed the lyrics at Super Bowl 45 in 2011. (Photo: AP)

5. BEST: Beyonce – Nailed it! Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. (Photo: Retna)

6. WORST: Keri Hilson met with some major booing after messing up the song at a Lakers game. (Photo: Retna)

7. WORST: Steven Tyler – butchered the song at the AFC Championship game in Massachusetts earlier this year. (AP)

8. BEST: Mariah Carey – Nailed it! Super Bowl 2002. (AP)

9. WORST: Roseanne Barr butchered the song at a 1990 San Diego Padres game, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. (AP)

10. BEST: Fergie got some high praise for her performance of the National Anthem for Monday Night Football in September-2011.

11. WORST: Michael Bolton had the lyrics written on his hand and still managed to mess up. Fenway Park – 2003. (Photo: AP)

12. BEST: Kelly Rowland -Nailed it! Bears vs. Giants in October 2010. (Photo: Retna)

13. WORST: R. Kelly was booed by a Las Vegas audience at a boxing match in 2005 for his rendition of the Anthem. (Photo: Retna)

14. BEST: Kelly Clarkson – Nailed it! Super Bowl XLVI. (Photo: AP)

15. WORST: Scotty McCreery flubbed the lyrics while singing the National Anthem for the World Series in 2011. (Photo: AP)