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Paramount Pictures is bringing back the movie that restored my love for horror films.

The Ring trilogy’s latest offering Rings is a modern take on horror. Prior to The Ring, horror films had gotten very wack. None of them were scary, or even interesting. There’s only so many Nightmare On Elm Streets you can make before the entire genre gets boring.

But Rings is the most frightening movie experience I’ve witnessed; it was scary, but innocent enough to show my daughter. She too is a horror fan, so when I saw the trailer this morning, I woke her up and made her watch it. She’s just as hooked as I am.

This will be the second remake of a modern horror classic to hit theaters this year. Also coming back this year is a reboot of The Blair Witch Project, called Blair Witch.

I know people hate reboots because, why ruin a good thing? But my philosophy is that it could be great with better programs, updated technology, and new ways to do things that didn’t exist years ago. So here are a few other horror films I wouldn’t mind Hollywood updating.

Portrait Of Candyman

Candy Man

With the influx of Black superheroes, why not bring back a black horror star with Candyman? Back in the day, this guy had us all in fear as the madman who stalked the Cabrini–Green public housing projects on Chicago’s Near North Side. Bring him back and throw in some good old easter eggs from the now torn down Cabrini Green buildings.

Chucky Near Flames In 'Child's Play'

Child’s Play

I still want to play and so does Chucky. Sure, kids don’t really play with stuffed dolls, but we can use our imaginations to bring this classic back with a fresh start. They are rumored to be coming out with a Child’s Play 7, but we really hope this is a complete reboot and not another installment.

'Saw' DVD Release Party Hosted by Stuff Magazine


The Saw franchise was dope. It ran its course, providing a bunch of freaky and gory movies. But after eight feature films that were all pretty good, where else can you go with this franchise? A reboot. Start all over, put a fresh spin on it, and let’s hope it works.

Ron Galella Archive - File Photos 2011

Jacob’s Ladder

Back in 1990, this psychological thriller debuted at number one, but with the things Hollywood knows how to do now, this story of a veteran who descends into madness could be quite the movie.

Premiere of 'Hellraiser III - Hell On Earth'


This could be a great way to boost the profile of Pinhead. While his gimmick was dope, he wasn’t as popular as other horror villains of his time; Freddie and Jason reigned supreme. Pinhead in a world with no stand-out villains could become a thing.


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