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Tisha Campbell-Martin is participating at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion in a panel and an autograph signing alongside her Martin cast mates, Tommy Ford and Carl Payne! She talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about celebrating 20 years of marriage with husband Duane Martin and who she’s bringing to the Reunion Labor Day weekend.

“I’m bringing my kids, my brother, my husband has to stay to run our restaurant in LA, but I’m bringing everybody.”

On being married 20 years in Hollywood:


“It’s all about reconnecting. I told him, I had your love 25 years ago, can I just be your girlfriend again? So we’re dating now. It’s so great to be able to take this journey with somebody.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

Celebrity Couples Who Have Been Married Longer Than 20 Years!
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(Photo Source: Tisha Campbell Martin Instagram/Courtesy)

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