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8/16/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Lynette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway and Rochelle ‘Silk’ Richardson, the black sisters from North Carolina who are campaigning hard for Donald Trump. They also have a YouTube channel “The Viewers View” where they openly voice their opinions on political topics.

“I like the fact that he wanted to secure the border and he wants to bring back jobs. This man doesn’t have to run for President, but the mere fact that he wants to put aside his life to put the Americans people first, I like that.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.


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56 thoughts on “Meet Donald Trump’s Biggest Black Supporters: Diamond & Silk

  1. Tom Joyner morning show will have to stand before the lving God one day and explain all the division and separation between whites and blacks you guys spewed out. Proverbs 6:16-19New International Version (NIV)

    There are six things the Lord hates,
    seven that are detestable to him:

    haughty eyes,
    a lying tongue,
    hands that shed innocent blood,

    a heart that devises wicked schemes,
    feet that are quick to rush into evil,

    a false witness who pours out lies
    and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

    Lord have mercy on yalls souls !!!!

  2. I’m a young black man. And I must say, Tom Joyner Morning Show is so RACIST !!!! All they do is talk about COLOR. Its not about COLOR ! Who cares what COLOR we are. Just love people. I wish you could go one day without talking or bring up race.

  3. Our people need to come together, and stop tearing each other down. Voting for Trump or Hilary, two wings of the same bird. Trump has a history of failed developments, constant bankruptcies etc.

    Just because Omarosa speaks for him DOES NOT mean that he has “blacks” working in his businesses.

    Instead of insulting each other, we need to lift each other up. These young women have a point, if you keep voting for the same party and getting the same results…try something new…NOT TRUMP. How about coming together to find out what your nationality is and how it can help you politically, and legally.

    Black is the color of a crayon, it is not tied to the international community.

  4. When AA start voting against their own interest something is terribly wrong. When was the last time a republican even considered doing anything for our community? Abe Lincoln! Now repub nominee has hired a racist to run his campaign. Do you understand racism? Do you understand making America great again means making America white again? Do you understand the racial divide would be larger? Throwing everything negative at the Clintons and hoping something will stick is the only thing republicans can do. Do you realize the things Reagan did in the ’80s are affecting you today? Wake up AA!!

    • You are absolutely right. I told someone that months ago and every time they celebrate him, that the recession started when Reagan got in the WH. That is when Thousands of people lost their jobs and homes.

  5. Sistas, Im with yall all the way, Trump has to fight vicious people in Washington who are corrupt, The Obama administration tried to defend a lie about not sending 400 million dollars of your money to Iran in which they told the truth and admitted they did, Trump is a threat to their corruption, vote Trump and bring back Americas wealth.

  6. They just took stupidity and ignorance to another level. So sad that with access to so much research people can be so uneducated.

  7. The end comment – “I’m not gonna run for anything but I’m gonna talk about those who do”??? Keeping America great – one complaint a a time!

  8. Ladies by all means please follow your hearts and minds, however, do not support anyone that disrespect your race and gender.

    • Sindey M. on said:

      Karen I agree. That may be the reason why I really don’t want to support Hillary. She takes a lot of money from countries that totally disrespects women. Women can’t drive or even speak their minds. I also read how Hillary treated a lot of her husbands mistresses. Don’t feel right in my spirit about her.

      • Ana Chick on said:

        Why would anyone care about how she treated his mistresses? You can’t be serious right now… Ok let your husband or significant other cheat on you and let’s see if you invite the home wrecker to Sunday dinner lol as far as the countries where women don’t have rights, that could be said for everywhere, even America, where we’re you when Walmart finally settled the class action lawsuit about paying it’s female employees the same as the males? I’m not saying Hilary is the perfect candidate because in all honesty there is no perfect candidate. But I for damn sure will not be voting for someone who has an explicit disdain for me and anyone who looks like me.

      • Phillip Beasley on said:

        where is your proof? you only believe that because trump and the reflubs told you to. research her history. smh

    • These women are right on target, The Obama administration lied about sending 400 million dollars of our money to Iran, Trump is fighting the corruption in Washington which has always been our problem, vote Trump and fight Washington’s greed lies and corruption.

  9. Sindey M. on said:

    Never heard of these two until this morning. I admire them. I admire them for going against the grain. After reading some these nasty comments I now know why I fear speaking out. We can’t blame the white man for racism. We discriminate against our own race just for seeing things a little differently. I’m sadden that democracy only work for you if you are part of the majority. Very sadden that our own race of black people would prefer to tear down others within our race instead of wondering why they may see it another way. After listening to these courageous ladies and looking at some of the terrible messages left on this form I see exactly why we always get nothing. Because we are stuck inside of a box like a bucket of crabs.
    Thanks Jacque Reid for having these two on this morning. Hope you have them back because some of us are ready to hear and see something different from the same old same old.

    • Anna Chick on said:

      There is nothin courageous about speaking out about something when you have an agenda. They are clearly doing this for the 15 mins of fame, because if they had actually done any homework and really read into him, they would be using common sense and steering clear. They are foolish. Yes I can agree some of the nasty comments aren’t called for but that doesn’t make what they are saying or doing any more right. While they are rallying, him and anyone that thinks and looks like him, are thinking “what a sideshow!” but in less PC terms. This is why we have so much division. People do anything and sell out just to be seen and heard. Distasteful and disgraceful. Smh

  10. I would love to stay home start a YouTube site and get all this free stuff they getting just by sitting and talking about nothing I live by My Heavenly Father Rules the white is for all colors

  11. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    WHAT!!!!! Ha,ha,Ha,Ha….They don’t know that if Trump get in office their little UTube show will be off the air and them out the country for good. This must truly be a joke……Don’t they know once he builds a wall to keep Mexicans out then next thing will be to deport any black who has a criminal record. Then he will take the credit for crime in the black hoods going down. Ha,ha,ha…..They are hurting their future careers by backing a bigot and hate monger. He wants to make the USA think we are so divided and hate filled, so when he says ship em out of the USA he will be justified. Sickening he is and sickening he will be.
    I’m willing to bet they don’t know that Trump has not had a consistent black person working for him in the last 20 years. And if he does they are not even willing to say it or back him……ha,ha,ha,ha

  12. There will come a time when black democrats as a group are not at the bottom of the totem pole and there will never came a day when black republicans are as a group are at the bottom, deal with it and it can not change

  13. Obama and Clenton has done nothing? Well let’s examine that: when he took office this country was on the break of recession, he pull us back. He’s given us health care, he created jobs, I could go on and on but I’ll stop there. All this was done while he was dealing with a congress that wanted to make him a one turn president. Just think what could have been accomplished if they had worked with him. Get educated people.

  14. Powegirl on said:

    Tell them that in order for black people to vote, the Republicans needs to stop voter suppression, or are the sisters in denial about that one fact as well.

  15. Dorothy on said:

    To those that vote for Trump go for it. When you don’t have anything to show or a job to go to. Don’t complain. This is what you wanted. He do not care about no one but the rich. LOL because it is a JOKE.

  16. Someone must have told them to calm their butts down. I have never heard them so calm. All they do is repeat the rhetoric that he says. No substance.

  17. L.M. Adams on said:

    they said that they weren’t being “paid” by trump, but I doubt if these two out-of-work strippers make the “cooning” effort that they have without some type of compensation. Maybe, he promised them their own strip club where they won’t have to work the pole anymore, but I know he is paying them somehow. they didn’t suddenly stop being strippers and become community activists without some kind of remuneration.

    • You R absolutely right!!!! Them idiots signed a confidentiality agreement. They needed those few $. You know he didn’t pay them much because they stupid!!! I guess they were hoping to gain more as a result of being made a fool of.

  18. Saundra on said:

    This is awesome. I’m a black woman. I was on the fence about Trump but after hearing you ladies and looking you up, you made me realize something, the Democrats have given black folk plan after plan for years and have yet to fulfill any of them. We are still poor and broke. Thanks lady for helping me see this. I will be taking a closer look at Trump.

    • straightnochaser on said:

      Hmmm. so you’re a black woman huh? Okay Rachel Dolezal, if you say so. Your rhetoric about dems giving black folks plan after plan sounds like the same regurgitated line that republicans use to detract attention away from the fact that they’re the ones who have obstructed, lied about and started unjust wars, suppressed votes of black folks and other people of color, and have planted themselves in the wombs of women and told them what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. You sound like a typical nut job fronting as someone you aren’t. Do yourself, and us, a favor and go find something to jump in front of or off of. If Trump gets elected, by the time he gets finished f*****g up your life with his policies, you’ll wish you had.

    • Washington has stolen billions of dollars from the American people, Trump is neither dem or rep, he’s doing what’s right, he has penetrated our political system and witness the greed, corruption and lies, he’s bringing changes to Washington and they feel threatened by Trump.

  19. CCgirl on said:

    No!!!!! Just had to say, Although these ladies are entitled to their opinion, They DO NOT represent Raleigh, nor NC, nor the black vote!! Trump is a self-serving, arrogant, bigot who IF he wins in November, would only move on his OWN agenda: That’s making him and his 1% friends even more rich…It would almost be worth seeing him win so these two women can see how he would fail….I said ALMOST

  20. While every one of us is entitled to cast their vote for whomever they choose–why are these two cows intending to vote for CHUMP???????

    If these two women have been paying attention to Chump at his rallies/ his HATEFUL RHETORIC AND HIS RACIST SUPPORTERS-maybe they would think twice.

    These two probably cast their vote for ROMNEY in 2012 and for McCain in 2008.

    They need to dig their heads out of their posteriors!!!!!!!!

  21. Bring back jobs? This from a character who has products that are made in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Mexico. But let these female stooges and the black church — all of whom are from Raleigh (and sure as hell don’t represent the majority of us in our state of North Carolina) keep believing the orange con man.

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