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Every last member of a black church in Charlotte, North Carolina has thrown support behind Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, believing the initiatives of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton are “reckless” and actually hurt the very community the church serves.

“It had a rippling effect,” Katrina Rodgers of Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries told WSOC TV of Clinton’s husband President Bill Clinton’s policies. “Not only did the prison population increase but it brought about division in our homes.”

“Providing jobs would automatically have a rippling effect on the economy which would have effects on crime rates which would have its effect on families,” Rodger said of Trump’s proposals.

Church members held a town hall Sunday with headliners such as Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, and his standout on “The Apprentice” Omarosa, who is currently his Director of African American Outreach.

Rodgers, daughter of the church’s founder Thomas Rodgers, Sr., said their support of Trump may go against traditional political leanings in the black community, but they feel what they are doing is what’s best for their community.

Rodgers said she knows the move isn’t popular and the church has already been ridiculed for its stance.

“This is what we feel in our hearts of hearts that is right for us to do so we’re moving forward on that,” Rodgers said.

Lara Trump, wife of Donald’s son Eric Trump, made headlines in a post-Town Hall interview with CNN when she forgot the “definition of insanity” while trying to attack Clinton.

Below, Katrina Rodgers and her father Thomas Rodgers, Sr. lay out in detail why the church is supporting Trump over Clinton:

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(Photo Source: CNN YouTube screenshot)

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102 thoughts on “Entire Black Church In North Carolina Endorsing Donald Trump

  1. All of you people must be smoking that new brand of Crack, have you been listening to what’s been coming out of this man’s mouth. 1. He knows more about Iceses than the Generals? only a fool would say something like that. 2. He would bomb the Sh– out of them, WHAT? 3. He love his black people, What is that because if you did you wouldn’t have to say that. Read between the lines people! 4. What Presidential candidate you know is as animated as Trump, you don’t show that side of you running for the highest office in the land. He more than likely has stock inside the KKK also, so you choose the lesser of the 2 evil. 5. I want to be unpredictable, and more At least Hillary has some Government experience, Trump has None, Zero, Zilch.

  2. Frances on said:

    Maybe this church recognizes the race baiting lead by the Democrats these past several years and lead by Obama. Maybe this group is educated and know that Democrats started the KKK and is still operating and controlling the KKK in this day and age. Maybe this group has taken the time to listen to black people who actually work for Trump and know first hand how well Trump treats his black employees. Smart church!

  3. Linda Meyers on said:

    How do you think Trump will bring jobs back when all his products are made outside of the US. I remember the Pastor talking about building a bridge to Africa or sending Africans Americans to Africa to work there….now how is Trump going to make Africa create jobs for us Also NC has not always been Democratic control. Who waits until 65 days before election day to speak to AA about our plight?

  4. Who cares if this black church vote in support of Donald Chump. They are the 1% of uneducated, ignorant black folks in his corner. Mr. Chump probably gave the pastor a nice Check$$$ for leading the dumb and blind.

  5. Looks like someone is trying to lose there tax free status! Separation of church and state, so you really got on national tv and broke the law.

    • Michael on said:

      Jim, you are overlooking an important detail. Separation of church and state is NOT in the Constitution. The phrase came into being courtesy of Thomas Jefferson in the former of a letter to a Baptist church in Danbury CT. He was addressing a concern that another denomination would be the OFFICIAL religion of the USA. No law was broken.

  6. Pastor Rogers and the other member, I can help you reach 1 million dollars if you have 75K . I would do for free and God will direct and shouffer you to your destination in 8 months. Please don’t ignore your television when you hear trump talking. Please don’t ignore the lack of control of the tongues of spew hatred and bigotry. (James 1). Please allow Secretary Clinton the opportunity to continue jobs with our infrastructure. Please allow her to increase me minimum wage and wages for women. Please allow her to insure 10 million more people. Please allow her to grant women control over there bodies during pregnancy. I beg you , please allow our international relationships to continue to expand by being diplomatic and not reckless! Please, please do not excuse trump absence of talking to or about issues specific to our community. Pastor, I pray God will lead you not into your own understanding but in All your ways, you acknowledge Him. Your flock needs you to be truthful more you need instant financial blessings.

  7. Donna Baker on said:

    Stop believing what you hear. That is totally ridiculous that Trump wants to go back to slavery. Get real! Hilary will do nothing for your culture. Nothing!!!! Trump will bring jobs back which will help poor communities. Isn’t that what you want as a people or are you happy with just the poor me plantation mindset? Help yourself. Vote for someone who will help you help yourself. Hilary will do ANYTHING AND SAY ANYTHUNG RIGHT NOW JUST TO GET THE BLACK VOTE. THEN SHE IS IN LIKE WHITE ON RICE AND WILL NOT BE YOUR SAVING GRACE. Plus she’s planning to let more Syrian refugees in country and they will be some Islamic crazies in there who will be here to kill us all no matter what color we are. Please don’t fall for the hype. I want all people to be ok, black and white. I want us to go back and there be less racial tension. I want this hate to end. Please vote Trump!

    • Julie Russell on said:

      You are soooo ignorant !!! Also you’re probably bipolar and a racist, weather you’re black or white. You are also plain dumb.!!

  8. I love that they are developing their own, independent opinion. As Don Peebles said on a recent interview with Peter Bailey, “blacks are the only constituents that blindly vote democrat.”

  9. Ygenia Bounds on said:

    Are you all crazy! What black church back Donald Trump, what do you think he will do for you and the black community? This man cannot articulate what he would do for the country and certainly not what he would do for the blacks!!

  10. Jean Johnson on said:

    Please folks, think about going back to slavery 60 or 50 years ago!!! That’s what Donald Trump wants for “his” African Americans”

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