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Leolah Brown is determined to seek justice for her niece and former sister-in-law. So much so that she’s started a GoFund Me account to fund an investigation to find out what happened in the deaths of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown.

While her brother, Bobby, has not publicly stated his support or lack of support for Leolah’s efforts, it seems that she feels there are still questions about the sad and untimely deaths of both women. Both were found in a bathtub and both are believed to have died from a combination of drug overdoses and drowning. Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, has been implicated by family members in Bobbi Kristina’s death, but no charges have ever been filed against him.

Here’s what Leolah had to say on the Go Fund Me:

I’ve Been Fighting Hard & ALONE For The Murder’s Of My Sister, Whitney Houston & Niece Bobbi Kristina Brown. Some Are Trying To Rule Their Deaths An Accident. I Have actual Facts & Real Evidence That Proves Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That There Is Foul Play In Both Murder’s! But, I Can’t Do This Alone! I Have Exhuasted All Of My funds Thus Far! I Am Left With No Choice But To Ask YOU For Your Help! Please Help Me To Help Them? I Will Prove To YOU & The World That They Were Both Brutally Murdered & Put In Those Bathtubs By Their Killers! Your Donation Will Help Us Retain A Legal, Reputable & Professional Attorney Who Will Go In & Fight For Us! We Have 2 States To Deal With; Los Angeles & Atlanta. We Need Help With Attorney Fees, Airfare, Hotel, Travel, Food, Transportation, Investigations, Researching, Interviewing Witnesses (which requires traveling to their hometown), Security, Etc. We Need Your Donation In Order To Obtain Justice! We Will Not Leave One Stone Unturned In Our Work! We Will Fight Until We Bring Justice To Whitney, Bobbi Kriss & YOU! Please Give Whatever It Is In Your Heart To Give! Every Single Donation Is Gratefully Appreciated To The Utmost! Lastly, We Would Love To Honor You When We Retain The Attorney & The Ball Is Rolling- If You Don’t Mind? It Is Our Way Of Showing You Just How Much Your Donation Means To Us! If Not & You’d Like To Be An Anonymous Donor? Your Donation Is Safe with Us! We Promise Not To Say A Word! And You Will Still Have The Opportunity To Have A Private Meeting/Dinner With Leolah And Ask Absolutely Any Questions You Like. All Information/Updates Will Be Personally Given To You Throughout The Whole Trial To Let You Know Where We Are At In Our Seeking Justice! We Are Very Confident We Will Win If We Can Get The Help We Need! I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE! YOUR DONATION IS SO SO SO SO SO GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED! May The God Of Your Understanding Bless You Tremendously For Your Donations. Again, THANK YOU!

You can click HERE for more information on the Go Fund Me account and to donate.

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Remembering Bobbi Kristina Brown
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13 thoughts on “Bobby Brown’s Sister Asks For Donations For Justice For Whitney And Bobbi Kristina

  1. Dee Dee on said:

    Well I’m on Leola side. She bout to kick me off her page but I still support her. I donated anonymously but maybe I should have posted who I was. This woman niece and sis inlaw was murdered. I hope she get justice. Yall should be ashamed.

  2. Jen Williams on said:

    This woman is a felon. First degree forgery in 2004, guilty plea. In 2014 pleaded guilty to theft charges in court. This campaign is a joke. Don’t waste your money.

  3. Roberda on said:

    Who in their right mind would give her money?!! get a job!! your celebrity status is over!! you was only relevant because you was Whitney Houston’s sister in law. Bobby’s star was falling already. We’ve seen your loyalty to Whitney, giving interviews for money. Go play in traffic!! you’re only out for yourself!!

  4. She possesses no investigative skills so why would anyone in their right mind give her one copper penny. She clearly has no shame. From the beginning she’s had all this info and proof so what money does she need to turn it over to the authorities??? Pityful!!!

  5. People are actually donating money on this go fund me account, they have to be crazy she asking for $200,000 how do she know how much it cost she is uses people for her own personal gain. She terrible ass hell Bobby Brown need to stop his money hungry ass sister.

    • I agree Bobby Brown sister just want some dam money, talking about airfare. and security etc. She need to go sit down and let them rest in piece she just want to be in the public eye she not worried about nobody but herself. She the same person that sold a story to esquire magazine years ago regarding Whitney doing drugs. She broke ass hwll and need some money it’s a tragic what happen to Whitney and Bobbi Kris I don’t believe no one killed them and her and Bobby Brown need to leave poor Nick Gorden alone they suing him for money he don’t even have.

  6. Ms Curly on said:

    We all loved Whitney but in my opinion she was already on her way to destruction (abusing drugs) when her and Bobby got together. She said herself she liked him because he allowed her to be herself and she did not have to pretend. I know all to well that a person will not stop doing drugs unless they want to period. I don’t blame him for her death or drug problems, he could not help her as he had his own demons. And the money that did not help the situation at all. Bobbi Kristina was with her mom all the time and when Whitney died it seems like she could not function. It seems she had no other life. Just very sad. I wouldn’t give Bobby’s sister one red cent. Its a shame what some people will do for money.

  7. Ric Coleman on said:

    I think the truth is that Bobby Brown and his reckless life style is just as responsible for these deaths as anything else. Whitney’s lifestyle went down hill from the minute she hooked up with this bum.

  8. Peaches on said:

    This woman is clearly trying to get money for herself. Your sister in-law and niece died from a overdose which they did to themselves. They both killed their own selves by doing drugs plain and simple and you know it,. You are just trying to get money for yourself. Shame on you for trying to exploit their deaths. Lord have mercy. Aint nobody kill them and for what reason would they have to do it. Whitney was washed up and Kristina was a train wreak from day one.

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