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Well look-a-here at what we just found out. The LA Times spoke with Jarrett Hill, the brother who exposed the Melania Trump rip-off of Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the RNC on Monday night. He’s presently unemployed and was looking for his next opportunity and then it just up and happened.

Hill, 31, says he was at a Starbucks in Culver City (CA) drinking iced coffee and watching the Republican National Convention on an MSNBC live stream. As Melania Trump spoke, she uttered a phrase that he had heard once before … from first lady Michelle Obama.

“The only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams …, ” Melania Trump said during her address to the Republican National Convention.

Instinctively, Hill finished the phrase aloud to his laptop screen: “ … and your willingness to work for them.”

“Kind of like a song that you haven’t heard in a long time and you remember the lyrics as you hear them. Or a movie that you know the line to and you kind of respond to it,” he said.

He recalled the words from Michelle Obama’s speech because, he said, he had thought to himself at the time that it was “really beautifully written.”

“I believe I even wrote it down or typed it,” Hill said. “Obviously having no idea that eight years later I’d hear them again from a woman who wanted to be first lady speaking at a convention in front of 40 million people.”

When Hill googled Michelle Obama and parts of her memorable turn of phrase, her 2008 convention speech popped up. An hour later, after he had watched Melania Trump’s full speech again, he realized more than just a few words had been borrowed.

“That’s when it dawned on me, ‘Oh, this wasn’t like a line that happened to be similar,’” Hill said. “This is a paragraph of text that’s way too similar to be coincidental.”

At that point, Hill tweeted out to the world his discovery. He apparently was the first person to publicly note the similarities between the speeches.

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign chief, decided to deny reality and blame Hillary Clinton and the media for bringing attention to “50 words, and that includes ands and thes and things like that” that were similar to Michelle Obama’s speech.

“These are themes that are personal to her, but they’re personal to a lot of people depending on the stories of their lives,” he said, pointing out Melania Trump’s focus on her own story and what he referred to as “family values.”

The bottom line is that Manafort is barking up the wrong tree trying to put the blame on Hillary Clinton and the media. Hill said he has no connection with Clinton’s team.

“Other than being a registered Democrat, I don’t have any real connection to the Clinton campaign,” he said. “I’m sure it’s a good payroll to be on, but I’m definitely not on it.”

There’s a lot MORE to the story and you get it all at the LA Times.

PHOTO: CNN screenshot

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