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Nick Cannon says he won’t step foot into a voting booth this November…unless a certain miracle can take place across America.


“I ain’t voting until black lives matter,” he told Howard Stern on Monday, adding, “There’s a segment of the community that actually don’t care about voting because they’re too concerned with staying alive.”

Despite his plans not to vote, Cannon is heading to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to participate in a march for peace, and will be involved in a similar event at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

“I don’t care if it’s Hillary [Clinton] or [Donald] Trump — ain’t sh*t gonna change,” Cannon said on “The Howard Stern Show.” He added that election results are fixed by the “powers that be,” but encouraged people to vote in local elections.

If he was voting, Cannon made it clear who he would choose: “If Hillary does become the president, that is a good representation for America, because that’s all the presidency really is — a figurehead who represents.”

During the conversation, Cannon also defended “#BlackLivesMatter” from “#AllLivesMatter” criticism. The “America’s Got Talent” host noted that showing the value of the black community does not lessen the worth of any other group. Or as he put actually put it, “When I say ‘save the whales’ that don’t mean f*ck all the other fish in the ocean!”

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