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If you watched Andrea “Drea” Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex-wife, on Hollywood Exes, you know she’s a pretty good dancer with a great body. But we’re not sure that she truly showcased her skills to the fullest on the show. A video that Kelly made at the recent American Black Film Festival has gone viral – and for good reason. Kelly’s twerk game is stellar. In what was billed on her Instagram as a dance contest, Kelly shows off some impressive skills by a hotel pool.

Her instagram post read:

Yup….SHE AS IN ME doing what I was born to do #dance #DREAm on #DREAmers. More MIAMI ABFF 2016 memories coming soon 💜 #bellydancing #twerk #ballet #jazz #hiphop

We’re pretty sure ex-husband R. Kelly took an “L” on this one. But given his alleged history with young girls, we figure it was a “W” for Drea.

Did we mention Drea Kelly is 47? Say it with us: “Black don’t crack.”

Watch the impressive twerking below:

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