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Today show co-anchor Tamron Hall, who had a close friendship with Prince, joined the chorus of viewers who weren’t feeling Madonna’s tribute to the Purple One on Sunday’s “Billboard Music Awards.”

“I did not like that version. I’m just being honest, and I love Madonna,” Hall said Monday on the show. “He was just so specific. Honestly we wanted him to perform on the ‘Today’ show, and it was a big deal…He was very to the letter about the audio and maybe that’s how it sounds on TV. Maybe it sounded better in person.”

She continued, “I’m sure she was nervous as heck even though she’s Madonna. But I wasn’t against her doing it, but once I heard it, I have to be honest I didn’t like it.”

Any tribute to Prince is greatly appreciated, Hall noted, but added, “It’s hard when someone is so iconic and such a perfectionist. I can’t imagine being in her shoes.”

Watch Tamron’s comments below:

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