ector1 63 Year Old Grandmother Quits 20 Year Job For FitnessEllen Ector, a 63-year-old mom of five and grandmother of four, is a health inspiration to thousands of people everywhere.

After 20 years as a social worker, she decided to quit her job and pursue fitness training in 2009. “I said, ‘Either you’re gonna do this fitness thing or you’ll be working for someone else for the rest of your life,’”

“I had five children and I was overweight. I took a pic of myself and I looked horrible. I had all gut and butt,” says Ellen. “But after five children what do you expect?”

So she decided to do something about it. She changed her eating habits, started to exercise and the weight started to come off. She started feeling more energetic too.

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“The reason why we took this bold move was because the fitness industry had completely forgotten about African American women,” explain Ector. “You don’t see our faces on the fitness DVD’s, you don’t see our faces on the magazines, so we wanted to come out with something for us, for real women.”

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Ector says, “we have no fitness models in our DVD’s, just real women who want to lose weight.”

All of the exercises can be done with little to no equipment, an intentional decision by the mom-daughter team. Ector says, “Your body is a machine.” She also says that it makes working out affordable for women who may not have the means to invest in a gym membership or buy workout machinery for their homes.

The fitness guru was especially interested in targeting black women after her mother died of uterine cancer at age 63.

African American women observe a lower incidence rate of uterine and other gynecologic cancers as compared to Caucasian women, but die from the disease at almost twice the rate as Caucasian women. In fact,…

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