If you are trapped in the cycle of “one dayitis”: One day I will eat healthy. One day I will lose weight. One day, I will take care of myself. Today is the day you change one day to today.

~ Put Joy back in Your Life with Optimum Health ~

With all the things you do for others, we understand it’s hard to find time for yourself. This Mother’s Day, your special day, give yourself a gift. Lose the guilt that spending time on yourself is time you “should” spend on someone else. You are the most important person in the life of your family!

Quit shortchanging yourself! Quit shortchanging them! Once your health starts declining, you will have no choice but to focus on yourself, but by then, the focus will take three times as long, be three times harder, and cost three times more.

Wouldn’t you rather know what it feels like to be fit and full of energy right now?

 Break the Habit!

  1. You’re right. It is hard to start. Guess what? That’s the hardest part because:

You’ve tried before and failed. The past is the past. This time, you won’t be doing it alone. Quikfits will be there to help you look forward and not backward.

  1. You have no idea when you will find time to exercise. Quikfits will help you. We will walk you through every step.
  1. Life-changing eating patterns are totally undesirable right now.

If some of us can do it, so can you. Once you get a taste of energy and vitality eating clean brings to your life, you won’t want to go back.

Waiting is Dangerous

While you stall about taking your health seriously, the more damage your body is suffering.

Whether you are 20 or 70, the only way to reverse the effects of aging is eat sensibly and exercise regularly! Sounds so simple and is so hard to get started. We all know that old habits are hard to break. But you need to know: it is possible! Quikfits wants to help you!

Avoid these 4 Big Problems with clean eating and regular exercise

Avoid the number one killer of women – heart disease

Avoid osteoporosis and the pain of fractured bones

Avoid high blood pressure

Avoid weak knees and reduce aches and pains

Whether you want to run a marathon (regardless of your age) or walk around the block without wheezing, make your dream a reality!

Join thousands of women like you who are getting healthy. Quikfits is ready to help you! Mother’s Day of 2016 will see a healthier and more vibrant you!

T.J. McCord is a fitness trainer and performance enhancement specialist based out of Mobile, AL. He believes that there are no limitations on the human body when creating innovative programs for his clients. Be sure to visit for more information, programs, and tips. 

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