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Music superstar Prince was found dead at his home in Minneapolis. His publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, told The Associated Press the music icon was found dead at his home Thursday in Chanhassen. He was 57.

We take a look back at just one of our favorite on-stage moments of the legendary musician.

Watch he and Beyonce perform Purple Rain, Baby I’m A Star and Let’s Go Crazy, and Crazy In Love at the 2004 Grammy Awards below.


Remembering Prince Through the Years
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(Photo Source: Youtube screenshot)

16 thoughts on “A Look Back: Prince & Beyonce At The 45th Grammy Awards [WATCH]

  1. Its so irritating that low life Beyonce has to try and get in on everything . Using Princes death for attention for herself She comes out of woodwork for any chance of public display. The woman is sad. I doubt if Prince even knew her other than the one event.

  2. There is a special place in hell for disrespectful people such as you. Prince was the real deal. Musician, entertainer, composer, producer . He was everything.

  3. A purple fan on said:

    Absolutely speechless another great icon gone too soon. Prince will be so missed just like Micheal, Whitney, Luther still can’t believe it

  4. Can we have a moment to contemplate, grieve and celebrate the life of one of the most brilliant musical geniuses of all time without seeing this bottom feeder on the same damned page? Please! Just let it be about Prince for at least a couple of days before all the ride sharing begins. Geeze!

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I know this was a GREAT honor for Beyonce’ to sing on stage with Prince, but really, Prince don’t need no help, he’s the PURPLE MAGESTY ALL BY HIMSELF.

  6. Sandy on said:

    This is so shocking. It’s like hearing about Whitney and Michael. You will always know where u were when u got the sad news. May he RIH. His music lives on. God bless him and his family

    • Miss E on said:

      I was saying the exact same thing. I still remember where I was when both Michael and Whitney died. Prince was a talented musician! His contributions will be missed, but his music will live on for decades to come.

  7. Graham on said:

    I’m sadden a Legend gone, I was waiting to see Prince perform one more time.. RIP we love you and Miss you already

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