Malia Obama, 17, who is likely in the throes of deciding where to attend college next year, joined her father, Barack Obama, on a cross-country presidential trip during her spring break, according to PEOPLE magazine.

The first stop on the three-day trip was Thursday in Chicago then Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The adventure comes after the family spent three days last month on a historic trip to Cuba, where the two were photographed as Malia famously served as a translator for her father.


According to the White House, while in the Midwest, the president “[returned] to the University of Chicago Law School – where he taught constitutional law for over a decade – to meet with law students and faculty for a conversation about the Supreme Court and out country’s judicial system.”

Following his Chicago event, the father-daughter duo jetted off to California, where Obama will hold a fundraiser on Friday morning before the pair head north to San Francisco.

The report says it’s unclear if Malia is attending events with the president, but speculates that the “cross-country flight was the perfect set up for a heart to heart.”

We also think the two will spend a lot of time discussing where the high school senior will go to college next year. What do you think? Sound off in the comments.


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