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This season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” noted instigator Kenya Moore insinuated that Kim Field’s husband Chris was gay and that he was known around Hollywood as “Chrissy.”


Naturally this was a cause for tension between Kenya and Kim, who took to social media last month to blast her co-star for spreading potentially damaging rumors and lies. During the Reunion finale on Sunday night, Andy Cohen found himself in the middle of the drama.

Cohen – who is an openly gay man – slammed the reality stars for their ‘gay bashing attitudes’ and for mocking the sexuality of Fields’ husband Christopher Morgan, who was also at the reunion.

When Kenya offered a half-assed apology to Chris, Andy cut her off mic and slammed her ‘crappy’ apology and asked her to do better.

“I am a performer, I am not immune to people talking bad about me, especially when they want what I have,’ Chris told Andy. ‘When it comes to who I am as a man that is what I know, and that is what I know my wife knows, so I am secure in that.”

“I think it is unfortunate that someone would just out and out lie,” said Kim.

Kenya was quick to defend herself.

‘First of all when you say that I lied, you are lying. I never lied. I did not make up the rumors, I brought up the fact that the rumors existed,’ she told Kim.

‘Each and every one of the women here had their laughter, fun and whatever that was – except for Cynthia and Sheree.’

Kandi Burruss quickly pointed out that she had not said anything about Chris, while

Porsha Williams threw Kenya under the bus by insisting it had been primarily her mocking Chris.

“It seems like you are all kind of gay bashing and do this thing where you accuse him of being this way, making a big joke of it, it was taunting and derogatory, everybody. It was just not a pretty look,” Cohen said.

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