They say the eyes don’t lie, but apparently our lips don’t either. You can apparently tell a lot about your health from the appearance of your lips. Subtle signs that we overlook everyday could be the reason for our next $30 copay to the doctor. Who knew that having chapped lips meant something other than, “I had an intimate session with a powdered donut!” Get your Chapstick, water and a few new items ready after you read this article .

Chapped Lips

Contrary to popular belief, licking your lips won’t get the job done. In fact, it makes your lips even more crusty and dry. Water, water and more water is all you need. Your body is responding to its need for hydration. Drink plenty of water to erase those frequent dry lips.

Chapped lips can also mean that you’ve been overexposed to the wind, sun or dry air. To remedy this issue, experts recommend exfoliating and moisturizing your lips. Exfoliating is a fun activity if you haven’t done it before. Next time you’re drinking a margarita, take the sugar from the rim and rub some on your lips. This will start the process of exfoliation and by the end your lips will be back to square root one. Be sure to apply a thick lip balm on your pucker-uppers afterwards.

Swollen Lips

Did you try a new lipstick? Eat something that you probably should’ve abstained from? According to Dr. Ketih Arbeitman of Arbeitman & Shein Dentistry in Manhattan, swollen lips can be an indication of an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions that come from food you’ve ingested are usually accompanied by watery eyes, itchy skin or hives. If your lips start to tingle and puff up, please stop what you’re doing and assess the situation. That shrimp fried rice you enjoy so much might be giving you the blues. Please consult your doctor if your lips start to look like Daffy Duck’s.

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