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If we told you that Karrine “Superhead” Steffans and actor Columbus Short are supposedly back in each other’s good graces, would you be surprised? No? We didn’t think so, either.

Welp, based on Steffans’ tweets Wednesday evening (03-30-16) it appears all has been forgiven. We guess.

But you know what? You could almost see it coming from a mile away. We wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out this whole thing of Steffans putting Short out over cheating on her … has all been some kind of BS charade/scam/PR stunt. Yeswe said it. And if we’re proven wrong, oh well.

We’re still suspicious of that Instagram scene showing Short just sitting motionless in a hotel lobby while Steffans throws out all his belongings. It looked like a bad skit that someone made up and taped on their phone.

But hey, if was real, here’s the excuse she gave for doing it. She said she decided to air him out over cheating on her via social media because …

“If your man’s worst fear is that his mom finds out, then you tell his mom. If his worst fear is that his pastor finds out, then you tell his pastor.” She said, “If a man’s worst fear is that the public knows that he is not everything he is pretending to be in this moment, then you go there.”

She added, “That was this situation’s button. This was his thing, like ‘Please don’t tell anybody about this.’”

Anyway, as we said, it appears that all the supposed acrimony between the two is just a memory now. In a series of Tweets, Steffans is publicly pledging her allegiance to their union.

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