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Here’s another embarrassing story that Porsha Williams is gonna have to deal with. And then again maybe not.

It seems the producers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta let a giant skeleton out of Williams’ closet at the final reunion show taping … raw footage of her dark alley assault on pal Jami Ziegler.

According to TMZ, Porsha allegedly attacked Jami at a party in December while being filmed … all because she didn’t like the person Jami brought as her plus one.

Producers told the ladies the cameras didn’t capture the fight … since Jami ran out of the house and down a dark alley where the beatdown occurred … but turns out it wasn’t true.

Our sources say the whole thing was captured on a camera … notably Porsha throwing some pretty mean punches, and the footage will air in April.

We’re told several women on the show want her kicked off since it was her third fight with castmates … Cynthia, Kenya and now Jami, if you’re keeping score.

Something tells us that at the end of the day Porsha’s not going anywhere. She knows what the producers want and has no problem giving it to them.

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10 thoughts on “Was A Porsha Williams Beatdown Caught On Tape?

  1. Andrea on said:

    I never liked Porscha since shesaid the underground railroad comment,, but because she is pretty they continue to have this uneducated hood rat on the show, in hopes that we forget, the fights and comments that she should have learned in the 3rd grade. Not classy at all!

  2. Larry on said:

    Hollywood continues to clown black women, and they willingly line up for their 15 minutes of buffoonery.
    -Holla’ at the Scholar

  3. Really on said:

    Yes they are scripted. I don’t believe that grown women that don’t like each other go on trips together that they pay for out of their own pockets. There is very little that is real on these shiows. Included the hair the butts the money fights all for ratings and the show. Oh at least I hope people don’t really act like these on a daily basis no positivity at all.

  4. They’re all scripted. It’s just sad that a person is willing to make a fool out of themselves for a check. I can’t knock them though. I just wouldn’t do it.

  5. Sssilk on said:

    People how can this be reality if the producers I saying we didn’t tape the fight. But at the end of the article it says Porsha knows what to give them. I keep telling people this reality shows are scripted.

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