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On the Monday, March 7 edition of “The Real,” actor and musician Malcolm-Jamal Warner stops by and compares Bill Cosby and his legal troubles with Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, who just happen to be two white guys with sex-with-minors issues that Hollywood and the public, to a large extent,  still supports.

Plus, the ladies celebrate one of their favorite decades: the ‘80s! Decked out in their finest shoulder pads, acid wash and hair scrunchies, the co-hosts swap perm stories and photos showing braces as they give viewers the 411 on how to update their favorite ‘80s fashion trends.

Watch above.

Teenage Stars That Made Good
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(Photo/Video Source: The Real Youtube)

10 thoughts on “Controversy: Malcolm-Jamal Warner Speaks on Bill Cosby’s Legal Troubles [WATCH]

  1. Larry on said:

    Peeps, we need to come to terms with this one. All those women aren’t lying. There are too many similarities in their stories. Cosby has paid off women in the past for their silence. He’s guilty and we need to accept that reality.

    -Holla’ at the Scholar

  2. Quintin Crum on said:

    Not right! Everyone should get the same treatment!! Shame on the people who let those off the hook whom Malcolm named!!

  3. Kimboo on said:

    Ravone Symone would throw Mr. Cosby under the bus in a heartbeat, it’s really sad, but true… these networks are making ALL the cast members suffer, not only financially, but emotionally. Now they are coming out having to defend themselves, and what they saw or heard. It’s absolutely ridiculous. These kids who grew up before us… were kids, and worried and thought about kids things. And he’s right to name those like Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Jerry Lee Lewis, R. Kelly, with young underage girls. Mr. Cosby isn’t accused of this behavior, he’s alleged drugging… but why now with all these WOMEN? Grown women, who knew right from wrong, and wanted an easy come-up, not teenagers. All these cases should be dropped by the state, and Mr. Cosby should be paid restitution for the defaming of his name, which is his business. He will never be able to get the back pay these women have caused his brand. The whores…

  4. Gigi on said:

    Malcolm speaks the truth. However I don’t have any sympathy for these weak minded black men that think these white people love them. They don’t like you unless you have something they want .

  5. It’s unfortunate that Malcolm, and the other actors on the show have to suffer bc of allegations against Cosby. That being said; I don’t think all the women are lying.

  6. Raleigh on said:

    Man hose are some weird looking females. Nothing, interesting there. How you look and what comes out of your mouth is ten different things.

  7. Gina on said:

    This is what I’ve been saying all along. MJW has put it all in a nutshell. Double standards will always be for us. It just kills white people that Bill Cosby had so much influence over the country. Now is Oprah steps out of line, again, they will come after her.

  8. Malcolm Is on point. We’ve always lived in a double standard world. It’s on the job, in the schools and in the judiciary system everyday. Mr. Cosby’s reruns should come on. Black ppl are weak and sick to get caught up in this nonsense. We’ll always be were we are!!!!

  9. vshabazz on said:

    I love it! Why is Bill Cosby being condemned before being shown to be guilty. It is not fair. I think the Cosby show reruns should be on and those who don’t want to watch don’t have to.

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