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Who’s your pick?! Anthony Brown or Bizzle? Vote below.

Now vote!

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33 thoughts on “Holy Grounds! Bizzle’s ‘No Hate’ vs. Anthony Brown’s ‘Bless the Lord’

  1. Lol, “seeing drowning in the ocean, pull up they be hating on ya boat” lol. I vote Bizzle because it’s non-traditional, Anthony Brown gonna get his anyway, he’ll be fine.

  2. Tony Garcia, Jr. on said:

    Bizzle for shizzo! I love them Christian doctrine lyrics that be rhyming! Vote for Mr. Bizzle!! In Jesus’ name!!

  3. James Bowman on said:

    hey I’m rollin with Anthony Brown number one also how do I submit some new music what’s up with him or talk to him I’ve been trying to get to you for a while if you can’t say on the air please email me got a hot new project coming out April 1st Lord willing

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