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So it’s come to this: Black students can’t attend a Donald Trump rally without being accused of protesting and thrown out of the event — even when the conservative assembly is held on their own college campus.

A group of African-American students from Valdosta State University were abruptly herded out of a Trump rally this week and some of the students angrily complained that racial epithets were hurled at them by whites attending the rally.

Cara Smith, 19, a freshman at Valdosta State University who attended the Trump rally on the Valdosta State University campus, said Black students simply wanted to hear Trump’s views and gathered as part of a college education project.

“We were not being disruptive, we were not causing a disturbance,” Smith told “The police said they [Trump’s staff] didn’t want us there. We asked why and we didn’t get any answers. We were basically kicked out of our own complex.”

“We listened to a lot of racial slurs from ignorant, simple-minded people,” Smith added. “Even while I was walking to my dorm, one man said ‘ look at those nig***’ I have never experienced so much hate.”

Trump seems to be running a police state at his rallies, deciding who are alleged disrupters and who should be forcefully removed from his rallies. There is no place for differing views at Trump’s rallies, and, apparently, there’s no place for African-American students who just want to sit silently.

It’s unconscionable behavior that speaks perhaps to a dark side of Trump and his constituents, some of whom are white supremacists, like David Duke, the former head of the KKK, who said he supports Trump.

“Donald Trump has the potential to bring in millions of new voters who agree with our positions,” Duke told NBC News. “Based on the analytics, I would say my support is very strong.”

The rally at Valdosta State University was yet another example of the racist behavior among Trump’s supporters.

2016-03-01 12.59.33

“We were singled out, they didn’t want Black students there,” said Khalian Brawner, 20, a student at Valdosta State University who also attended the Trump rally. He said about 30 Black students were escorted out of the event.

“We had tickets to the rally, we had a right to be there,” he said. “And then we had to listen to all the racial slurs. I haven’t experienced anything like this before but now my eyes are open.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said Trump played no role in removing the Black students.

“Neither the candidate nor the campaign was aware of the incident until it was reported in the newspaper,” he told reporters.

But the racial incidents are piling up. Black activist Mercutio Southall was kicked, punched and called the N-word and “monkey” by whites before he was dragged out of a Trump rally.

Trump, the Republican frontrunner, is attracting more white supremacists to his racially incendiary campaign. If Trump is not part of the solution to suppress the increasingly racist behavior among his constituents, then he’s part of the problem.

“We have a lot of work to do in our community,” Brawner said. “We have to vote. This election is a serious matter.”

What do you think?

(Photos: Darian Harris)

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27 thoughts on “Trump’s America: Black Students Kicked Out Of Rally At Their Own School

  1. americanize on said:

    If this fool trump told his racist supporters that we have to bring back slavery,they would cheer.Stay away from his rallys you could be killed.

  2. williaml on said:

    They REALLY need to tell the Whole Truth about those students.
    The Police put them out for PROFANITY and they All were wearing Black Matching Tee Shirts.
    A female did a Black Power Sign while leaving.
    Auy videoing for Black Lives matter had an incident with the POLICE just prior to the student incident.
    That does Not sound like peaceful to me.
    Why did the POLICE say they were using profanity and dropping F-Bombs?
    Why were they All wearing Matching Black Tee Shirts?
    This was done by the City Police and Not secret service.
    Now Trump is being blamed for Their Actions.
    There is a lot of information that is not given and the whole thing is being spinned as racial.
    I noticed that Trump actually has a Black Woman as his Spokes Person.

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      Sir, could you provide an information resource, a link to this video, a statement from an official to substantiate your comment. I can’t seem to find anything except that pic of that young lady being pushed and shoved by that wild-eyed white guy in the neo-Nazi tee shirt!

  3. Honestly on said:

    F*uck cave n!@@ers there is a stain on this racist country put there by you cave apes. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  4. Mrknowitall on said:

    This is a stain on Obama and the racists interrupting Mr Trump. This is Obama’s presidency. How can these racists learn Tump’s ideas if they won’t be quiet?
    Also, the stain from three black racists falsely accusing European American young adults of a racial attack that never happend is on Obama’s watch.

  5. Felix J. Cruz on said:

    This definitely shows that Trump is doing nothing but exposing racism and making it seem like it’s okay. We all know racism isn’t something that happened overnight ever since Trump started his campaign but something he’s been doing is adding more fuel to the fire that has been burning for years. And this is a great example at how much danger he is putting into people’s lives. Makes no sense that people of color couldn’t attend the event without others making it seem like they were there to be violent.

  6. Nancy Cruz on said:

    Law enforcement says the students were causing a disturbance …. If they were causing a disturbance they should be escorted out, if they are not they should have been left alone.
    +++ Interesting there are NO videos supporting the Students or Law enforcement, strange in todays time

    • Nancy: “Interesting” and “strange” that Trump spoke at an University!!! Wasn’t Trump the one that said he LOVES THE POORLY EDUCATED!! Soooo why in the H did he speak at a University. LMAO and SMDH at people that defend this man, and his tactics.

      • Nancy Cruz on said:

        @Joy Good points! Just saying, There are always two viewpoints. Still find it interesting there are NO videos supporting law enforcement or the students side.

      • jhuf on said:

        Joy he said “he also likes the poorly educated” not that he only likes the poorly educated. And have you seen some of those interviews of some college grad’s? they were poorly educated

  7. Trump is full of BS….TALKING POINTS!!! I’m trying to figure out what his followers REALLY WANT,, and think he will do for them(??) I’m going to create millions of jobs….Yeah right. Hotel maids, and janitors. Hey…don’t get me wrong; someone has to clean my room when I go on vacation. My point is Trump is full of ove-rflowing BS!!

  8. In my opinion the people who are supporting Trump at his rallies are being bamboozled. He’s going to make the country great again???? When did the country become un-great? Try living in a third world country without clean water, etc. THE THINGS THAT WE TAKE FOR GRANTED…..and, then come back, and talk.

  9. Mundus Vol Decipi on said:

    I look forward to hearing/seeing the students being insulted with racial slurs. In today’s world I am sure it was all recorded and will be posted for all to see. The video will also prove that the students were just innocent bystanders who were treated very badly…Hello…??

  10. Since history shows Lynch Mobs, Cross Burnings, and Segregation are products of the Democratic party (Nathan Bedford Forrest founder of KKK, Gov. Wallace, Sen Byrd, Bull Conner) I should think any responsible and respectful Black man or woman would feel quite comfortable at a Republican rally

  11. chris on said:

    Shame on Cottman, a race agitator, and BAW for not printing the whole story. Eyewitnesses stated that the 30 or so “students” were dropping “F” bombs since the moment they got to the rally. The Clinton campaign would have taken the same exact steps.

    • Suzanne on said:

      If they were in the rally screaming curse words, then the video would be all over the news. The racist people there would love nothing more than to prove that the black people only showed up to start trouble. I’m not going to trust eyewitnesses from this crowd.

  12. Arthur Childress on said:

    These young people should be very careful going into that environment! A Trump rally is no different from a klu klux klan rally! It’s only a matter of time before there’s a “cross burning” at one of these events. That rally in Georgia could have easily degenerated into a lynch mob!

  13. americanize on said:

    I,m not surprise by this action.This is what these devils do. Blacks should not attend trump rallies,you might get hung.

  14. Linda get back to marching with the Nation of Islam and Black panthers who think white people are devils. Get back to marching with that racist devil Sharpton who has incited race riots and doesn’t pay taxes yet is a free man thanks to black privilege you obese sheboon!

  15. Linda on said:

    peter Johnson*–STFU with your ugly RACIST BS.
    You need to go back to your KKK and Aryan Nation websites where you belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. They were kicked out because they were screaming the F word. The media likes to leave out important facts to slant their agenda. Michael cottman is a racist pig and he knows it. If white people were attending Obama rallies simply to cause a disturbance you black devils would be going crazy. What about the Black Panthers intimidating white voters at polls and the racist pig Obama refusing to prosecute them. That is racism at its finest!

  17. Psa7m on said:

    What Trump is doing, is just showing the racist America, that been so well hidden; since the pass three decades or so. This isn’t anything new, but an old spark that’s causing flame to what have already been a burned forest.

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