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So it’s come to this: Black students can’t attend a Donald Trump rally without being accused of protesting and thrown out of the event — even when the conservative assembly is held on their own college campus.

A group of African-American students from Valdosta State University were abruptly herded out of a Trump rally this week and some of the students angrily complained that racial epithets were hurled at them by whites attending the rally.

Cara Smith, 19, a freshman at Valdosta State University who attended the Trump rally on the Valdosta State University campus, said Black students simply wanted to hear Trump’s views and gathered as part of a college education project.

“We were not being disruptive, we were not causing a disturbance,” Smith told “The police said they [Trump’s staff] didn’t want us there. We asked why and we didn’t get any answers. We were basically kicked out of our own complex.”

“We listened to a lot of racial slurs from ignorant, simple-minded people,” Smith added. “Even while I was walking to my dorm, one man said ‘ look at those nig***’ I have never experienced so much hate.”

Trump seems to be running a police state at his rallies, deciding who are alleged disrupters and who should be forcefully removed from his rallies. There is no place for differing views at Trump’s rallies, and, apparently, there’s no place for African-American students who just want to sit silently.

It’s unconscionable behavior that speaks perhaps to a dark side of Trump and his constituents, some of whom are white supremacists, like David Duke, the former head of the KKK, who said he supports Trump.

“Donald Trump has the potential to bring in millions of new voters who agree with our positions,” Duke told NBC News. “Based on the analytics, I would say my support is very strong.”

The rally at Valdosta State University was yet another example of the racist behavior among Trump’s supporters.

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“We were singled out, they didn’t want Black students there,” said Khalian Brawner, 20, a student at Valdosta State University who also attended the Trump rally. He said about 30 Black students were escorted out of the event.

“We had tickets to the rally, we had a right to be there,” he said. “And then we had to listen to all the racial slurs. I haven’t experienced anything like this before but now my eyes are open.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said Trump played no role in removing the Black students.

“Neither the candidate nor the campaign was aware of the incident until it was reported in the newspaper,” he told reporters.

But the racial incidents are piling up. Black activist Mercutio Southall was kicked, punched and called the N-word and “monkey” by whites before he was dragged out of a Trump rally.

Trump, the Republican frontrunner, is attracting more white supremacists to his racially incendiary campaign. If Trump is not part of the solution to suppress the increasingly racist behavior among his constituents, then he’s part of the problem.

“We have a lot of work to do in our community,” Brawner said. “We have to vote. This election is a serious matter.”

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(Photos: Darian Harris)

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