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Although reigning NFL MVP and Carolina Panthers superstar quarterback Cam Newton is largely out of the news cycle after his team’s Super Bowl 50 loss to the Denver Broncos, he’s still making headlines. Black sportswriter Kimberley A. Martin, who covers the New York Jets, shared a letter she received from a racist reader after recently writing about Newton, reports Complex.

Martin took to Twitter to post the contents of the letter in response to her article, which featured racist slurs and also sniped at Newton, Kanye West, Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson. The reader also listed a series of stereotypes before ending the brief letter warning Martin to “stay way from them as much as possible,” perhaps without knowing that she is a Black woman.

Instead of reacting in anger, Martin posted a handful of tweets that hit back at the reader and those of his ilk who share the person’s sentiments.

“A LOT of you have said that I should have included the letter writer’s name. But for me, it’s about “shaming” another person,” wrote Martin. “It’s a reminder that racism, bigotry + prejudice are still rampant. We’ve made strides as a society, but let’s not act like all is well.”

Martin added, “I’ve heard the following quite a bit today: “I can’t believe someone would say such a thing!” My question is: “Why can’t u believe it?”

Read Martin’s tweets below.

SOURCE: Complex, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


Black Sportswriter Posts Letter From Racist Reader After Writing About Cam Newton was originally published on newsone.com

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