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A legal battle involving Jay Z and his alleged love child, Rymir Satterthwaite (pictured, below) has entered a new phase as Satterthwaite takes the case to federal court.

At the heart of Sattterthwaite’s demand for federal action are claims from his attorneys that the case has been damaged with fraud, corruption, and collusion, according to RadarOnline. The Family Civil Liberties Union (FCLU), a supporter of Satterthwaite’s case, alleges that opposing attorneys have colluded with employees of the local court system in conspiring to withhold essential documents from the petitioner’s counsel.


As a result, Satterthwaite has filed a Notice of Federal Younger Doctrine in the Superior Court of New Jersey, asserting that local dereliction of duty has resulted in a violation of his constitutional rights. In addition, Satterthwaite has asked for an FBI investigation into “corruption such as but not limited to mail fraud, consumer fraud, RICO” on the part of the New Jersey Camden County Trial Court Family Part.

Satterthwaite’s elevation of the case is the latest development to occur in his camp’s fight to get recognition of the 22-year-old’s paternity.

“This is about making sure that Jay Z is held responsible for the emotional damage that he has caused Rymir,” Satterthwaite’s former guardian, Lillie Collie told Radar. “Rymir not only looks identical to Jay Z, but he really, really looks a lot like Jay Z’s mother, who is Rymir’s grandmother. Unfortunately, for Rymir, he has an entire family that he will never be able to know.”

Despite claims from the family that the case is “not about the money at all,” the lengthy delays in the case come as a major obstacle in family’s pursuit of justice for Satterthwaite.

“The family has not gotten paid one cent since this story came out,” Collie revealed to Radar. “It is costing us a lot of money to proceed.”

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3 thoughts on “Jay-Z’s Alleged Son Goes To Federal Court To Try And Prove Paternity

  1. But damn, he sure doe have some of Jay Z features… But if your rich, you can buy people off, and pay people in family court to mishandle paper work and blood work… I mean the carters did close down a hospital newborn wing when Blue Ivy was born, which leeds to further speculation if Beyoncé gave birth or not….

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