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Have you ever wonder if the ancestral history of your significant other, crossed paths with yours?

In a hilarious spoof video from BuzzFeed they explore if that happened with an interracial couple. If you see where this may be going, you’re correct in the assumption.

The video depicts a White woman and Black man who upon their engagement, were given the gift of an ancestry test. The findings show that they have many things in common, but in the worst way possible.

“Ben, wow. Looks like your family dates back all the way to the late Tall Plantation,” the administrator tells the African American man. “That plantation had the highest number of pit schools at that time.” She adds, “And Carole, your family also goes back to the late Tall Plantation… they managed the space… Ben, your ancestors worked on the plantation. And Carol, your ancestors owned it– and everyone on it.”

Here’s the thing: While there are far too many coincidences in this sketch to not be a comedy spoof, it does beg the question of what one would do if their partner crossed paths historically in a negative way? Would you talk it out? Get counselling? Or just end it on behalf of your ancestors?

It’s a tough call. But we’d hope that couples who were truly in love would work through the extreme awkwardness. Even if their ancestors owned their deceased loved ones as property. Goodness.. that just sounds weird saying out loud.

Nonetheless, there are two more part’s to this video spoof. Watch them here!


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