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A pastor and his wife are being accused of using their organization as a front to lure teen girls into sexual abuse.

In 1999, pastor James Jackson and his wife, Valerie founded P.H.A.T. Positive Habitat Aspiring Teens in Palm Beach, Florida. The nonprofit organization was said to have a goal which would enable teens to express themselves and transition into adulthood.

But along the way, if that was ever a sincere goal, something went terribly wrong.

According to reports by CBS 12 in Palm Beach, a 15-year-old girl went to authorities claiming years of sexual abuse by the Jacksons.

The girl told police her abuse started at age 11. Pastor James, 47, would show her films that had sexual content. At some point, the pastor exposed himself to her, and while teaching her how to use a condom, had her perform oral sex on him for the first time.

This was apparently not the first time pastor Jackson practiced pedophilia. The girl’s older sister claims to have gone through a similar form of sexual abuse. The now 22-year-old said that starting at age 17 James made her take baths with him and the two of them had sex daily.

All with the knowledge and encouragement of pastor James’ wife, Valerie; who allegedly taught the girls how to keep her husband aroused.

The Jackson’s organization had gained recognition and prominence, so their community, and no doubt, congregation, is shocked by the allegations.  

James now faces charges that include sexual battery of a minor, causing a person under 18 to have contact with bodily fluid, possessing photos of a sexual performance of a child, and selling obscene material of a minor.

His wife Valerie, 46, faces charges of a lewd act of molestation on a minor and child neglect without causing harm.

See the video news report on this directly below.

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10 thoughts on “Florida Pastor And Wife Accused Of Luring Girls For Sex

  1. False prophets is what they are using the title to lore children, sick pedophiles preying on the innocent! How can a woman condone such a thing! She is sicker than his suck A$$, I can’t stand those that take Advantage of children!

  2. Tanjay Bull-Holmes on said:

    All these fake pastors hidden agenda will be revealed. You don’t play evil in God’s name and think you will get away with it.
    I believe these girls. There are more girls, I hope they all speak up.
    Every victim reacts differently to situation of sexual manner involving minor.

  3. How can they jail people and ruin their life on just accusation because the media reports allegation, non thing people consider it truth. why do people hasten to jump to conclusion. The facts have to be known and proven first. whites and blacks are quick to crucify black people on sayso. see

  4. Mrkknowitall on said:

    There will be a black lives matter rally today demanding justice for the two beautifull black girls.
    This just in: the molesters are black. Never mind, go back to sleep, nothing to see here, no rally false alarm.

  5. OMG!!!!

    I don’t remember any passage in the Bible referring to pedophilia!

    Lock these two cretins up now and throw away the key!!!!!

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