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Known for his roles Selma and The Gabby Douglas Story, Toronto native Stephan James is lacing up the cleats of a very famous track star in Race, where he plays the legendary Jesse Owens.

He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the life Jesse Owens lived off the track, the pressure to play historical figures and more.

“I had to really immerse myself, not only as a sprinter, but as Jesse Owens. I knew very little about his story and I didn’t know the circumstances,” he said.

The biggest thing he learned about Jesse Owens while filming:

“There was so much I could find in terms of video of him leaving people in the dust, but I had no clue about the type of man and the type of father he was. He was a humanitarian. He was completely color blind.”

Race is in theaters Friday, February 19th.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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2 thoughts on “Stephan James Stars As Jesse Owens In ‘Race’ [WATCH]

  1. Ruth Finley on said:

    Incredible acting, Stephan James of Jesse Owens! I was a teenager when Jesse Owens won his 4 gold metals! I sat in silence after the movie with tears in my eyes. So many memories flooded my soul….how Jesse Owens was treated, Hitler, the war, the loss of American lives and how wonderful that Jesse Owen’s story is finally being told. You are a gifted actor, Stephan.

  2. WERE DO YOU GET THE STUDY GUIDE ON THE MOVIE JESS OWENS -RACE, it was mention the tom joyner morning show on 2/17/16. I was interested in using that for my church youth group

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