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White House Senior Correspondent April Ryan talks about the women who still believe in Hillary Clinton despite the baggage that follows her.

“Hillary Clinton is not her husband. She has to prove herself. The problem is, you have people that are anti establishment. They want change. Politics is personal. You have someone that has been in every level of government, she knows how to govern, but there’s baggage there,” Ryan said.

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3 thoughts on “Senior White House Correspondent April Ryan Says Hillary Clinton Comes With ‘Baggage’

  1. I do not know about the entire Garner family, but Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica has repeatedly said she supports Bernie Sanders.

    Just because Hillary is a Democrat, it does not mean that she has EARNED our Black vote. I can understand why most Blacks support the Democrat Party and avidly vote up and down on a Democrat ticket, but for decades, the Party has taken us as well as Unions, for granted. They use our grassroots to get into office but once there, they forget and/or ignore us. They always throw Blacks and Unions under the rug once in office but then when it is time for reelection, they reach out to us again and there we are again giving them our support as if nothing ever happened. We must stop that and actually research the candidates. I have a Democrat Senator in my State that makes me so angry that I have greatly considered voting for his Republican contender. I had the same problem a few years ago in our mayoral race. (If we pay attention, we will know that the Democrats do not always have our best interest.)

    I did not vote for Barack Obama because he was Black. Instead, I voted for him because he was the only viable candidate. Likewise, I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton just because she is a Democrat. She is a female as am I, however, I have never voted for anyone that shares the same color skin nor the same gender and I am not about to start now.

    I am puzzled by Tom Joyner’s comments. Either he does not take voting seriously, just wants a female to win or a Democrat to win and/or he has not done his homework. I would have assumed that he would do a better job keeping his Black listeners informed. But hey, I could be wrong so what do I know.

    I do know that Bernie Sanders has been consistently fighting for me for decades; his message has never changed. Yes, I voted twice for President Obama but Hillary is not my first choice; Bernie Sanders is!

    #WeAreBernie because he fights for us and because he has PROVEN his dedication to me, it is the least I can do for him. It is the least I can do for my family, my neighborhood including the Black community and dutiful Americans.


  2. B. SANDERS has MARCHED & PROTESTED & have gone to JAIL for PROTESTING on behalf of Equality for Black Americans; he was a member of C.O.R.E.. The Good-Book says, ‘No more can a man give than to lay down his life for his fellow man’, which B. Sanders past reveals he has done for African-Americans, therefore I am supporting & voting for B. Sanders–it’s no contest; it’s a no-brainer.

    • People should do their research before casting their vote. If we are to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary we must all be registered Democrats.
      As you said, it is a no brainer!

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