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When I wrote the article on the “7 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Using Coconut Oil & Shea Butter On Your Hair” a lot of you were were skeptical. Some of you even thought that this was crazy talk from some white man (check my bio, I’ve been a Black woman for over 30 years) trying to get you to buy my “products.”

Others thought that I was just some rambling know-it-all sharing my opinion on natural hair care. However, not only did I drop some valuable hair care information I even invited you guys to join me for a challenge that involved not using the aforementioned products. The challenge was simple: a #30DayHairDetox that involved participants not using coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil and Eco Styler gel.

For 30 days participants took part in our hair detox while learning simple techniques leading them to proper hydration. The underlying theme of the #30DayHairDetox is really just wash your darn hair. With shampoo. And use simple conditioning and styling products with water-based and water-soluble ingredients.

Over 5,000 people joined us for this revolutionary curl changing challenge and the feedback from participants has been absolutely phenomenal.

I thought it would be awesome to share the experiences of five completely different women who joined us in an effort to get the best curls of their lives.

Check out what Shawana, Channing, Tamara, Yaasha and Bernadette had to say about their #30DayHairDetox experience:

Shawana, Jacksonville, FL


“Soooooo! I think I’m finally getting an idea of what my hair likes and needs. My curls are Poppin on their own!!!!All the research has had my eyes wide open.   I get it, all hair is different, so what’s for me is not for everyone else. But there are some commonalities. So far I’ve learned that I don’t need coconut oil or that much shea butter. No pre-pooing with oil (it just don’t make no sense) Jojoba and grapeseed are the best oils for me.

Watch out for products with shea or coconut in the first 5 ingredients. Shampooing and clarifying is a necessity! (You got to get rid of buildup so hair can take in water.) And so are leave-ins and deep conditioners. You don’t need to shampoo every week when you’re not using heavy oils but you can’t live off co-washing alone. And hydration is the key! Water, water, water. When your hair can retain it, your curls are visible. Once you use a leave in conditioner no more water can be retained. It’s a sealer and so is oil. Dry hair means no curl pattern no matter how many products you apply. The L-O-C Method is the best way to keep water in the hair follicles. Now I just gotta let time do the rest. The #30dayhairdetox has been helpful for info too… #bestcurlsofmylife frfr”

Channing B., Maryland

Channing “My twist outs have NEVER looked this good. This #30dayhairdetox is bringing out the best in my hair! I know detoxes usually have to come to an end but er uh… I think I’m hooked.”

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