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Meet Halle. This hardworking Howard University junior has spent every Christmas holiday since her childhood helping the homeless of Baltimore. Each vacation, Halle makes gift baskets with her family including coats, hats, gloves, toiletries, canned goods, water and other necessities. Then, she and her family personally deliver them to the disadvantaged men, women and children in her hometown’s shelter.

“Hearing each of their stories brought tears to my eyes because I care about the well being of others,” Halle said. “When they saw that there were canned goods in the gift baskets, they immediately began to cry and said that this was their only meal of the day.”

The children are always happy to see volunteers like Halle and her loved ones; because of their living conditions, spending time with visitors is a rare occurrence—almost a luxury. To entertain them, Halle and her mother frequently read to the children and served them food to make sure that the impoverished children are well nourished.

“Knowing that I made a difference in the lives of others motivates me,” Halle explained. “Giving back is self-rewarding…I have a moral duty to serve others who are in need.”

Due to Halle’s selflessness and dedication to her community, she is now getting rewarded for her efforts of fighting hunger among Baltimore’s homeless community. Denny’s multicultural scholarship program, “Hungry for Education,” selected Halle as a 2015 scholarship recipient based on her charitable program, and the scholarship will help support her college career and future endeavors.

This scholarship program is an experience of a lifetime for any college student eager to give back to their neighborhood. If you or anyone you know would make a great fit for the program, you can find more information and apply for a chance to win here at

We wish Halle the best of luck in her work to help solve Baltimore’s issues in hunger and homelessness. Her passion for spreading love and improving her community is fierceness personified.



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