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Joseph Fiennes may have upset many people when they heard he was cast to play Michael Jackson for an upcoming film, but the white actor – to no one’s surprise – has apparently won the approval of Stacey Dash.


Weighing in on the backlash Fiennes has received for being selected to play Jackson half-hour British comedy, “Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon,” the Fox News contributor gave a thumbs up on the casting, saying “Bravo.” To hear Dash tell it, this is exactly a plus for those who have expressed how color shouldn’t be a factor in acting roles being distributed to entertainers.

“I’m sick and tired of being told ‘Sorry, Stacey, this is a Caucasian-only role,’” Dash wrote Wednesday in a blog post. “Counterintuitively, this decision by Hollywood — which looks like a diss to blacks — is actually what we’ve been saying all along: roles should NOT be based on color… I want to see more of this diversity and thinking outside of the box with the equality that this designation entails — this is the right track.”

Upon news surfacing about his casting as Jackson, Fiennes admitted that he was just as shocked as everyone who got wind of him being the one to portray the King of Pop.

Still, Fiennes acknowledged that, “[Jackson] definitely had an issue — a pigmentation issue — and that’s something I do believe. He was probably closer to my color than his original color.”

For more of Dash’s thoughts on Fiennes playing Jackson, click here.

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