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Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose met on Monday to squash their beef – and they have a selfie to show for it.

The current and former loves of Kanye West were unwittingly tossed into his Twitter war with Wiz Khalifa last week. As reported, it started when Wiz begged Kanye not to change the title of his album from Swish to Waves, saying the name was already associated with rapper Max B. Kanye took offense and dragged both Wiz’ baby AND baby mama Amber into the exchange.

TMZ cites “Amber sources” who say Kim called her Monday afternoon and asked to meet up at Kris Jenner’s house that evening. Amber accepted the invite, and the two hashed things out. “We’re told after a long conversation they’re both good with each other,” noted TMZ.

Both Kim and Amber posted the selfie on their respective social media accounts early Tuesday morning, showing their newly formed alliance. Kim’s post was captioned ‘Tea anyone?’

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7 thoughts on “What’s Beef? Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Make Nice By Taking A Selfie, Wiz And Kanye Talk [PHOTO]

  1. Is anybody sick of these people! There is real crap going on in the world. What actually makes this garbage worthy of reporting. Two chicks that screwed the same guy are friends now. Wow somebody through a party…

  2. They had no choice but to kiss her azz and apologize. Strike 1 – Amber showed much restraint when Kayne made the Kim made me take showers comment. Her response however, was an underline warning but he did not listen. Strike -2 Bringing the baby into this recent foolishness was a line he should have not crossed and she made him pay for it. Everything about him that I’ve seen says his azz is bipolar but if Amber is provoked into responding to a STRIKE #3; Kayne would lose the run of himself. Amber spent two years with Kayne’s needy azz therefore all that she knows could be detrimental to Kayne and his family. RMAOTFLOL…… Amber is Kayne’s kryptonite.

    Supposedly there were others through social media that confirmed what Amber said.

    No shade but is Beyonce & Kim next?

  3. Shanice on said:

    Oh puleeze these untalented sexed up idiots did damage control with the fake mall glamour shot!! Kanye mad because he isn’t as being talented but a joke in the untalented sex tape empire married to Ray Js leftovers and like Cam Newton made one of these tricks his baby mama (a stripper Cam…I bet Pastor daddy proud haha)!!! What is sad is all these childish folks are parents………

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