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Should your natural hair feel dry? Yes and No. Over the past few weeks I’ve received numerous ASK COLE questions relating to “dry hair”. But ladies before I go any further we must understand that our natural hair will not feel silky and smooth as it did during our relaxed days. By default black textured hair is naturally drier than most hair textures. This may be the #1 reason why women with natural hair struggle with learning how to retain moisture. But the good news is there’s a solution to avoid thirsty looking hair!

One of the most important products to help natural hair retain moisture is a good leave-in conditioner. There are various types of leave-in conditioners such as: water-based, liquid, and cream-based. The purpose of a leave-in conditioner is to moisten, protect and help with detangling. Cream-based leave-in conditioners are usually richer and more moisturizing. These type of leave-in conditioners work well for people with extremely dry hair with loose curl patterns to help control frizz and seal split ends. Adding a leave-in conditioner to your hair care regimen will take the mystery out of dry hair.

When searching for a leave-in conditioner here are a few examples of moisturizing ingredients to look for:



Aloe Vera

Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Cetyl Alcohol


Natural Fragrance

Seed Oil


Click here to find out The Natural Cole’s favorite Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioners from: Alikay Naturals, Giovanni, Hydratherma Naturals, and Kinky-Curly Knot Today.

What Leave-in Conditioners do you use to moisturize your natural hair? Leave a comment and let me know.

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