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CLOSE attended Kelly Rowland’s launch party for her new Seagram’s Escapes flavored drinks last week. Not only did the company introduce the collaboration, there was a spa escape that offered services like makeup applications, manicures, aromatherapy and much more. But before getting pampered and enjoying some of Kelly’s new drinks BAW got a chance to chat with her about what she’s been up to. That led to her opening up about how much she loves her son Titan, doesn’t really miss being in a girl group and revealing all about her new show coming to BET this spring!

Kelly-Seagrams-3 How did you and Seagram’s get together?

Kelly Rowland: “I had my first Seagram’s memory I would say with my mom. My mom gave me my first taste of alcohol. And then when I got older, I became legal and I remember having all these crazy Miami getaways on the weekend. The first thing we would go grab is Seagram’s. When they presented this idea to me and they said, ‘We want her to be creative and make her own flavors,’ I was like, ‘I’m in.’ This makes perfect sense. So what I did was I gathered all my friends around and we made a list of all our favorite drinks and was trying to see what felt like natural. So we came up with Pink Pineapple Passion and Orange Sassy Swirl and I wanted it that to taste like a dreamsicle.  So I thought about orange and vanilla and I’m in love with pineapple and watermelon so that’s where the pink pineapple passion came from.

How many different flavors do you have?

“I just have two for now.”


So you’ll be back in the lab making more?

“That would be the goal, yes!”

Are people enjoying it?

“We had a Twitter battle between the flavors today but when I had my friends taste it…. their favorite—it was actually split. They all loved Orange Sassy Swirl but I love Pink Pineapple Passion.”

What made you say yes when Seagram’s came to you with this idea?

“I’m a fan of the beverage and because I’m a fan of the beverage already and I have my memories of it, it was a easy decision.”

What do you expect from this new venture?

“People to be responsible. Drink responsibly!”

What else is new with you?

“New music…new television doc that I’m working on with BET. I had an idea to put a girl group together. I was going to document the whole process of it. I talked to Stephen Hill about it. He talked to the rest of his team and he was like ‘We’re on board.’ And it’s good to meet people that have the same passion that you do. I just felt like girl groups, boy groups—it’s such a good culture and it showcases camaraderie between women or guys and there was a time it wasn’t just one group or two groups, it was a plethora of groups and styles and I just miss that. I miss seeing that.”


Do you miss being in a girl group?

“Sometimes. Sometimes. I think that between myself and the ladies we still have the best relationship and that to me means the most. But yeah everybody is able to be creative in their own. It’s pretty cool!”

Is this sort of like a Making The Band?

“I wouldn’t say that because we’re not following any rules. We’re making our own. And I didn’t want to do that or anything like the other competition shows. There’s things like elimination and things like that—we haven’t gone that route. And I like what we’re doing. Actually I love what we’re doing and I’m super proud of it. I can’t wait for people to see it and they assess it on their own. I don’t want to put a sticker on it saying this is what it is. It’s airs April 5th. “

When we asked how her adorable son Titan was doing she immediately started to smile ear to ear, saying every time she thinks about him she gets so mushy, stating “He’s one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.”



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