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In case you missed it: Shaq & Sharon Osbourne get physical: “Once you go Shaq, you never go back!”

Basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal visited “The Talk” on Thursday, January 28, and became enamored with Sharon Osbourne, saying “Before you ask the question, how old are you, 25? Ozzy – your wife is hot! I can’t stop looking at you.” Sharon reacted, by getting physical with the athlete… prompting him to warn “Once you go Shaq, you never go back!”


Sara Gilbert vs. Shaquille O’Neal In Epic Basketball Match-Up

Shaquille O’Neal – standing at 7’ 1” – might be a big guy, but the 5’ 2” Sara Gilbert isn’t intimidated by the basketball icon, and challenges him to a friendly game of 1-on-1, “The Talk” style. Shaq’s defense skills are strong, but Sara manages to run through his legs and gets some assistance from Aisha Tyler… who can win this unbelievable match-up?


Sheryl Underwood On Fat Shaming: “I’m going to punch you through the computer”

A woman recently lost 112 pounds after asking the internet to fat shame her. Sheryl Underwood reacts, “we all have that internal conversation with ourselves, that we can do better and be better … I’m going to admit it, I am at least 70 pounds over my alleged ideal weight… and I don’t want nobody shaming me to do anything, because that’s not going to make me feel good and that’s not going to make me a good human being.” She concludes with a warning: “I’m going to punch you through the computer if you fat shame me!”

How fun!

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