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Today, Kanye West unleashed a verbal assault on Wiz Khalifa on Twitter and it’s going down.

Grab the popcorn and pull up a seat in front of the computer, we have a feeling this one’s going to last all day, all day (Kanye voice).

It all started when Wiz, in response to Kanye’s album title change, tweeted:

Let’s stop here.

Yeezy was not aware that Wiz uses KK to refer to his “Khalifa Kush” strand of weed, and assumed that Wiz used the initials to reference his wife, Kim Kardashian.

This is when all hell breaks loose.



Wiz quickly corrected Kanye, but he must have not gotten the notification fast enough:



Because Kanye continued in since deleted tweets:




Then Khloe Kardashian added her two cents:

UPDATE: Looks like Yeezy had a change of heart. The outspoken rapper has decided to put the pettiness aside and focus on “positive energy.”

But, of course this Twitter tirade couldn’t end without a word from Amber Rose herself:

WELP. There you have it. *Sips tea*

After going in on Wiz’s family, Kanye (in his very Kanye way) announced Waves is a gospel album. Wait. Whet?!

Welp, it looks like the beef is reignited after Wiz’s team Taylor Gang dropped this twitpic:

Meanwhile, Wiz gives no f*cks.

Waits patiently for Kim to chime in …

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