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Considering that Wendy Williams has made a career from trash talking celebrities, it’s amazing that she issued a cease and desist letter to blogger Sandra Rose over a post she lifted from Facebook about Williams’ allegedly getting high in the studio while she was working as a radio DJ.

Per Sandra Rose:

Former friend of the blog, daytime talk show maven Wendy Williams, slapped with a Cease & Desist on Thursday.

The tersely worded C&D, sent via email, demanded that I immediately remove Wendy’s name and image from my blog.

The confidentiality clause contained within the email prevents me from divulging which material Wendy objected to. Suffice it to say she was unhappy with the content of one of my blog posts that was lifted from

Wendy retained high powered legal goons from California who waited until the cover of darkness to email the cease & desist around 10 p.m. last night. I assume there are no competent law firms in New York where Wendy lives?

From this day forth Wendy Williams is to be considered persona non grata on this blog.

In related news, Variety announced last week that “The Wendy Williams Show” has been renewed through the 2019-20 season. This renewal marks a nearly 40 year career in broadcasting for Williams, who gets to continue to diss celebrities on her show through its 11th season. She most recently left Martha Stewart feeling a certain way when she made an appearance on the talk show and the host mentioned her guest’s age, per InTouch.

“You’re a very beautiful woman…and I find it surprising that you’re in your 70s,” Wendy, 51, said.

The author/businesswoman responded to Wendy’s shade by saying, “You don’t have to promote that…I never say how old I am. I don’t feel my age. And I don’t look my age. And I don’t want to be my age. And you should not say my age.”

Page Six also reports that Stewart was “horrified” with Wendy’s backstage areas. Williams’ show is housed in the same Chelsea Studios where Martha’s old show, “Martha,” used to shoot, and the domestic diva was not thrilled about “what’s been done to her old studio.”

Fair or foul?

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12 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Serves Popular Blogger With Cease & Desist

  1. Shows how some folks can dish it out but can not take it. Wendy accused others of stuff even if it was not true and now it is coming back. Whitney went after Wendy and I was really upset how Wendy went after Rubin Studdard who was trying to be a gentlement in correcting her over a false claim and Wendy was talking to him as if he was not telling the truth about HIS LIFE. Wenday also did this to Tyson Beck accusing him of being gay and Tyson Beck went off on her. See how your dirt come back on you.

  2. Typical Wendy move! She’s always dissing everybody (deserving & undeserving alike) but when you say something about her, she all in court. I don’t watch her show and I haven’t been a fan of hers since her KISSFM (New York) radio days. She need to take her Amazon tail somewhere and “SAT DOWN” (Madea voice) 🙂

  3. AARP Barbie on said:

    WAAYMINT, whut?? isn’t that exactly what WENDY DOES during hot topics — signify and speculate (and don’t we love it!?) sounds like there is more to it than than (i hope!) because this would be a classic case of the “POT” (pun intended) calling the kettle black~!

  4. Wendy is very arrogant and some of her comments about the celebrities are down right stupid. Now we find out that she has very thin skin. It does not surprise me that her show has been renewed. Most people in charge would rather deal with someone that has been on drugs or a drunk. That way they have power and leverage over them when something goes wrong. Most people on TV have had serious problems in their life or committed serious crimes. I only tune into her show sometimes now.

  5. Just like everything in life…….some people like Wendy’s TALK SHOW, and some people don’t. For those that don’t like it….it’s really simple….just don’t turn it on. Go Wendy

  6. redbone1954 on said:

    She can’t take the heat? She talks about everybody else’s business. But what to say I don’t watch her trash talking show!

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